[REVIEW] Sheinside / Shein

My review today is for Sheinside

When I bought these items from them they still called themselves so, but nowadays they’ve changed name to SheIn. Please keep that in mind: is the exact same site, just changed name.

I bought FOUR items! The unfortunate thing is that they arrived all in different times. I’ll review them as I got them:

Photo from shein.com

Second one: Black Lenses Gold Round Sunglasses

Photo from shein.com

These two items arrived together in a little package, in about one week and a half from the payment.

The Sweater wasn’t messy at all, although the small space in the pack! I took the bigger size (L) since i’m really really tall, but it still was short on me. Not a problem! I love the design so much that I  decide I can easily wear it with an high-waist skirt :’)
The fabric is really soft, and it’s not too heavy, so it isn’t hot at all!

The Sunglasses are awesome! I loved them since I saw them, and I couldn’t keep myself from buying them. They came in a nice case in yellow, but the site shows one in red, so I guess you can choose the color of the zipper, just try to write it in your notice!

This is the case they came into. Photo from shein.com

I love them to stars, you can match them with anything and they’ll still suit! Must buy!

“Hello darkness, my old friend”
Photo from shein.com

This came in a package all by itself, and was about two/three days after the first pack.
The fabric is really cheap, but if that doesn’t offend you, the design is so awesome and it suits so perfectly you have to buy it!


Cosplayer: Eireenene / Photo: Sara EVA13
I was killing it at that party!

Perfect for any occasion, it isn’t too hot to wear in summer, and it’s just the perfect amount of sexy to surprise everyone! Just wear it with high-heels and avoid dancers or sneakers!

Fourth one: Gold Geometric Hollow Bracelet

Photo from shein.com

This took the longest time to arrive, nearly a MONTH! At first I was very happy as it came (I had been waiting for so long!) but now , as I write this review, I can tell you NOT to buy this bracelet!

Cosplayer: Eireenene / Photo: Voss

Why not? Because, even if it’s cute and it doesn’t cost a thing, after two hours wearing it, it will just start discolouring. Your skin will become green as it does with those cheap rings, and it won’t come off for days.

The bracelet will be spotted, so unlikely useable, and you can just say goodbye to it!

So, that’s it! Hope you enjoy shein.com as much as I do! Their costumer service is really nice, so I hope to buy from them again! :’)

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Cosplayer: Eireenene  


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