[REVIEW] DCER metallic tattoos

Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna do a different review: I’m gonna talk about these metallic tattoos, that are so “fashion” and “on the wave” at the moment.

I got them during my trip in Paris this June, but they have a useful website full of infos and you can also shop on it! 

Please pay ATTENTION, On average, tattoos remain between 2 and 5 days depending on the areaThe paper used to print tattoos is excellent, hypoallergenic and allows a long held without deterioration. 
The first set of tattoos is this: GOLD ARROWS TATTOO :
Stock photo from dcer.eu


Stock photo from dcer.eu
They are 4 x 2,1 cm in gold, and are sell as a pair of two: one is hollow while one is full of gold.
I’ve made them on my wrists, and I’ve enjoyed them a lot!
A photo I took while on the roof of Galleries LaFayette, Paris.
HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: gold metallic tattoos by @dcerteam #dcer in Paris!
^ from Nene (≧∇≦) (@eireenene) / 25 June 2015 – 14:38 PDT

Because of an offer inside the shop, by buying a pair of tattoos, you coul’ve choose another one from a selection and it would have been yours for free ! Bless Paris!

So I’ve got these little cuties (just one, but if you buy them from the site, you’ll get a pair !)


Stock photo from dcer.eu


Stock photo from dcer.eu


Stock photo from dcer.eu
And some others! It was really a deal! Here’s an actual photo of the ones I get for free:
it’s just 9 x 5 cm so the images are really little, but so cute!


This was the box where they were all putted. They let me choose between silver and gold!
And these are the photos of me “wearing” some other of them!
I love tiny tattoos on my hands/wrist, but I don’t think I will ever get one in a place so visible!


if you smirk you can see I also have a wave on my wrist
I’ve also done the origami birds on my right wrist, the arrows on the back of my elbow and the feather on my left ankle. I think I’m metallic enough for the summer!
A little advice! If you decide to buy them and make them please make sure
  • that your skin won’t have any problem
  • to apply them in position where the skin tend to not stretch, so they will last longer
  • (isn’t really beatiful to say but) try to avoid water and scratching on them. I washed my hands very carefully with the two arrow on my wrists and never wore long-sleeves, and they lasted me nearly 2 weeks!
Hope you enjoyed!



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