[REVIEW] Honeycolor – Super Pinky Red and Blue

Hi everyone! Finally I post something ahah, here’s my first review ever ♪

My eyes are brown and I had the necessity to find contact lenses that could cover my natural color. A friend of mine was ordering from Honeycolor, so I decided to join the order with her to have free express shipping with DHL ( the package arrived in 4 days *^*).

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Hello everybody!

These days have been a bit tough for me, I’ve worked really hard and had poor sleep. But the weekend is my saviour, I will definitely enojoy myself and take naps and feel a whole new person after it! (let’s hope)

Anyway, here’s my latest review: I’ve bought at the end of July five items from a site called
I don’t know how long will it last, but there’s this excellent promotion of 60% off on your first order! You just have to register and shop, and when it comes to checkout, put “Rom60” as the coupon, and voilà!
I also remember you about the free shipping once you get to 50$, so please keep that in mind.
I enjoy promotions like this a lot, because I was going to buy a dress and a t-shirt and I found myelf filling up the shopping bag just to reach the free shipping (wow, such commercial, so intelligent)
So I ended up buying two dressed, a t-shirt, a necklace and a backpack !

The items were shipped on July, 27 and arrived on August 12. They were all in one package, and SDA’s courier brought it to my house twice (lol). The first day I wasn’t home, and they left a notice. I haven’t had the time to contact their site but they were already here the next day! Awesome shipping service ( // v // ) As most internet-china-based-shops, the shipping took 3/4 weeks. Consider that when buying from these sites.


Every item was also packed in a transparent bag to protect it from dirtyness and make it safe. All the clothes were carefully folded, and each of them carried a little black business card.
Since I’ve taken this kind of orders for a very long time, I know usually the clothes doesn’t smell really well, expecially after being closed in a package for a month! But this time, only the t-shirt wasn’t really good, all the other items were ok!

Anyway, let’s begin with the first item!

Heart-shaped Collar With Buttons Pleated Maroon Dress

Stock photo from romwe.com

This cutie dress was the reason of this order. I fell in love with it as I saw it, scrolling through the dresses’ page. How can you not adore this peace of heaven? Red is my favourite colour, I love pleated skirts and heart-shaped collars. It reallly seemed like it was made for me—-aah I’m in love ;;


That collar made my day. Wore with som red-roses as crown and two little red bows as earrings!
The fabric is so good I could’ve stayed in it forever!


I just have to say that it arrived to me with the zip sew with some cloth, and since I can sew I handled it pretty well, but when I first tried it I couldn’t understand why it was getting stuck (lol)! Anyway, with just a scissor and a needle you can easily fix that, and still I don’t believe all dresses will have that problem.
So the bad point of it was that it had a hole on the back of one sleeve. Nothing serious, it was something like 1cm and nearly visible since it was close to the end, but can bother somebody.
I fixed that too, it took me two points and just five minutes, so really these are minor problems.



The most complicated edit I did for this outfit (I’m a lazy bunny so I don’t really touch a lot of pictures, but when I do, I’ll make myself grey as an Homestuck troll!)


Backless Hollow Apricot Maxi Dress

Stock photo from romwe.com
I chose this dress to fill my cart, and I’m truly satisfied. I was looking for a peachy/apricot dress since my closet is mostly black/dark colours. When I saw this, with the nicest lace upper part of the dress.
This dress is gorgeous! The fabric isn’t the best, but still weareable.
Two things weren’t the best: the first one is the petticoat, that doesn’t cover that much, I’ll advise you to wear another or to put shorts/ white culottes when wearing this dress.
The second is the zipper: it won’t close no matter how hard I tried, and in the end I had to ask help. Even with someone to pull it up, and me keeping the edges close, it was a pain!
You must made it in one shot, from the bottom part of the open zipper. It will stop mid-way, where the skirt meet the lace obviosly, and if it does, trust me, pull it back to the end and try again. That’s the only possible way to close this peace of heaven!




 Look at the details of the back! It seems like some Ancient dress, like a Muse or something, and I feel between the clouds while wearing it!

Cat Print Crop T-shirt

Stock photo from romwe.com

I saw the cutie-patootie cat, I saw the words beneath it, I bought it. There was no inbetween.


I love how I looked like Nana Osaki with this outfit >////< ( I could actually take an istant of her with this wig and I never thought about it??? omg)
Anyway. I have nothing bad to say about this crop top. The fabric is soft as a marshmallow, the print is gorgeous, won’t ruin and won’t budge. The cat is the best thing I’ve wore in a long time! I called it glitterpony, and it is now my bff :’)


White Eyes Print Backpacks

Stock photo from romwe.com
I love gore/creepy fabrics! And I’ve wanted a backpack like this for so long I can’t even remember! It’s just perfect, the ropes are strong and the fabric is thick enough to support weight.
I was moving to my aunt house while doing this review, and I found out that it’s the exact size of my laptop. So- I was going to have a nice backpack, but now I have the best laptop case! And I think it’s a gorgeous idea to use it like that! Love it!
Another edit I did to spend time hahah why am I so bad at this, ops.

Black Collar Geometry Irregular Pendant Necklace

Stock photo from romwe.com

And here comes the bad notes. I was expecting a lot from this necklace, and I’m so disappointed! I suggest everyone not to buy this. It’s the second time i found problems with jewelery, so I don’t think I’ll be buying more from this kind of shops.

The beads are made in plastic, and the weight is really light. That means the whole necklace seems very cheap and bad made ;;



The real problem, beside the fake-iness of this peace, is that it is “handmade”, or at least, I assume there’s someone that thread the beads onto the structure. I have no idea how the other ones ore, but the one that came to me is defective.


You can clearly see one side has 2 black triangles, while the other has 3! This makes the necklace pendant on the left when weared! Even if I try to parade the triangle, I don’t have the beads to fix the gap, so it totally unweareable.

Even if I tried to look on the bright sight, you can clearly see the beads are bad-posed and they tend to overcome one another. Such a shame!

Anyway! Romwe is a big shop with very cheap prices, so you’ll definitely find something you like, just stay safe ad think twice about any purchase (in jewelery think also 3 or 4 times lol)!
Hope you enjoyed this review, if you did, tell me in a comment!

[REVIEW] Klenspop – Bunny 3 color gray

Hello everyone! Today’s review is for Klenspop!

Klenspop is an online store that sells Korean circle lenses and sunglasses. You can choose from a wide variety of circle lenses at the Klenspop online store. This store mostly sells Korean branded circle lenses such as NEW BIO, M.I Contact, EXY3 and G&G contact lenses. It ships them worldwide through standard mail.

They sended me Bunny 3 Color Gray to review!
It’s the new color lens that K-lenspop released a few weeks ago.

stock photo from klenspop.com


The shipping was pretty fast, they sent them from Korea on August 3rd & I received them here in Italy on the 14th…so it was about 10 business days!
As you can see in the picture above the lenses package looks like this. This package contained the lens-package wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap, so they really take care of your lenses, making them safe and sure.


They were were in a ziploc bag and you’ll also receive a free contact lens case and a mini plastic lens-twizzers. As you can see, my lenses are graduated, since I’m shortsighted, and they sent me the perfect prescription! I’m always worried about lenses power, but they were really kind and helpful!


 The brand is BUNNY, the diameter is 14.5mm, the graphic diameter is 13.3mm, the water content is 38% and the base curve is 8.6mm
This means they will enlarge the eye just the perfect bit to give you an amazing look! I can’t wait to try them on :9


As you can see, they give my eye the cutest look, because the ring on the outer side makes them bigger!
They’re really really REALLY comfortable, like I forgot two times while taking photos that I was wearing them, and I tried to put back my glasses and then nop— Because they are so thin you won’t even know you’re wearing them! And with my brown eyes, they don’t make a big difference, but that’s exactly perfect to go out wearing circle lenses without anyone noticing that and making questions.


Here there are two selfies I took while photoshooting today (for a review you’ll se in the next days! stay tuned!) and I wanted to let ya know that with filter they can change to blue ! I have no idea how they do that, but I think it’s gorgeous!

That was it for today! Enjoyed this review? Leave a comment! Or please tell me anything to make it better!

Klenspop was the nicest and kindest shopping service I’ve ever work with, so buy their awesome lenses at awesome prices and look beautiful ( / v / )


[REVIEW] Linsenfinder – "Monster"

Hello! The review for today is once again Linsenfinder!
I want to underline for everyone reading, that they have never sponsored any kind of lens to me. Every review I made is because I’ve bought the lenses from them, because I think they are great and their lenses never let me down.

Today’s pair is “Monster // Monster“, a green one with black “veins” looking like a cracked window on it. I bought them for my Jade Harley (Homestuck) cosplay, but unfortunately they didn’t arrive in time for the con. Linsenfinder fastly answered my question about the delay, explaining that there were strinkes all over Europe. I had to bought a pair of green lenses while at the con. I have to say the one I bought were great as the Monster one (even without the cracks), but I was so sorry I couldn’t try them! ;;

So this review is made just for my pleasure, because I don’t have the need to try the lens at all- if not for this :9

Stock photo from eBay.com

I usually purchase the lenses from eBay because to me it’s just easier, so you can find the link of the eBay shop and of their actual online shop.

These are its characteristics:
Power Range                 Plano 0.00
Diameter                       14.50mm
Center thickness      0.07mm (±0.02mm)
Base Curve                       8.60°
Water content                   45%
Wearing time                12 Month

So they’re annual and they are 14.4mm so they do enlarge a bit the eye. Please notice that I have big eyes, so on me it won’t make such an effect, but on an average person it’ll make the eye bigger.

Here they are as they arrived: the two lenses properly sealed in the saline solution, the free case marked by Linsenfinder and a nice business card talking about a contest they do every month on Instagram & Facebook.

I tried them with my Hiccup wig (sorry if you cant properly see it, but it’s not important in this review).

I think they do a great effect, the impact is so gorgeous even from far they will notice you for these lenses! Even though you have to come a bit closer to see the details of it, on a portrait-shot they will be perfect to impress everyone!

I’m satisfied that, as I know working with Linsenfinder since 2012, they cover my eyes really well, even if I have dark brown eyes. Actually, I think on a person with light eyes these lenses will be even more stunning, but just like this are awesome! They even enlarge the eye a bit 😉

The shipping was the only thing that bothered me, as I explained before, but it wasn’t mine or Linsenfinder’s fault, so I’m gonna pass it on and just stick with the fact that I now have beautiful green lenses !

Some random selfie I took while wearing them! Even with a filter the effect is stunning!

I apologize for my dark circles, they are a part of me nowadays lolz

see ya next post!

[REVIEW] TeaCupCastle (Etsy)

The review of today is for Teacupcastle !

I got 
Surprise Grab Bag and a TeaCupCastle necklace in bronze !
(This last item is unfortunately not available anymore at least for now!)
TeaCupCastle is a very unique shop, full of adorable jewelry such as rings, necklaces, chokers, earrings, and more! Their items are handmade and the prices are fair and reasonable. 
The shop owner was really kind and always friendly in answering my messages and questions.
I must advise you this: if you find the perfect item from you, purchase it fast! Most of the jewelery she sells, because are handmade, are one-of-a-kind and unique pieces, so rush before it’s gone 😉
The owner sent me the package on Aug. 01 from L.A and it came to Italy on Aug. 11 which is insane! Super fast! As you can see, the package came in a good condition.
 All the items were wrapped in this simple lilac tissue-paper, firmly scotched- Inside, there were the bubble wrap to keep it safe– bubbleeeeee BUBBLEE ok yeah i love receiving package 80% to pop the bubbles. It all was tied so nothing was broke or damaged.
When I opened the package I received 2 pairs of earrings, the cute business card, the necklace and a unicorn sticker! IT’S SO CUTE I LOVE UNICORNS! They’re like my favourite animals with pugs and cats and I adore it!
Meanwhile, the business card is a cute pink cardstock with the front that shows the matt logo and the link to the etsy’s store, and the back, with a polished pattern of the Sailor Moon sticks !
Here you can see the two pairs of earrings that I got, as they arrived in the package. The first one are a drop shape in a magnet color (grey/blue/silver?lol) with three aquamarine beads.
The second one may seems a simple turquoise stone (that I litterally adore!), but actually there’s a little silver bead on top of the stones that make these earrings unique and catchy.
While the necklace is a golden crewneck chain with the bronze pendant of a heart and a cute pink plastic ribbon. It comes stick to a golden cardstock with a wax seal- sticker on it, a little detail that made me happy! Also, the pink-scotch was also on the back of the  package: I loved finding these little details :’3
Let’s see how these actually look like once they’re on!


I tried the necklace with my Winry Rockbell (FMA) wig, since I haven’t had the time to try it on, and today was the perfect day! 
I did the makeup really fast between my shifts at work, and I was so crazy to try a sweater even if we are in August and it’s hella hot, how do i even?
Anyway! I love the necklace design, it’s so simple but so cute for a little girl, and it’s weareable! It really matches everything! The only thing I find strange is that the charm is bronze while the chain is gold. From the distance it isn’t really visible, but once you come closer it’s a bit tricky. Beside from that, this is one of the cutest piece of jewelery I now own!



The earrings are really easy to put on and comfortable to wear! I can easily match the colour with lots of dresses :’) I love the design of the turquoise stone: the color of the summer sky with black cracks on it! It actually suit my style, or my being as a person: a bright color with lots of shades !

This is the design of a turquoise stone. The earrings actually have fewer cracks, so probably they aren’t actually the famous stone, but just a replica (the weight of them symbolizes that too). Anyhow, the effect is just that, with the silver beads to make them special! Gonna wear this more often than I though. Plus, I love how they match my contact lenses (read the Angel Review here) and my newest wig -which I fell in love with- from eBay!

TeaCupCastle‘s jewelry is truly one of a kind, so check out the shop, & if you see something that catches your eye, act quick and purchase it before it’s gone!
 ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Thank you so much to TeaCupCastle for sending me the lovely necklace and earrings to review!