[REVIEW] TeaCupCastle (Etsy)

The review of today is for Teacupcastle !

I got 
Surprise Grab Bag and a TeaCupCastle necklace in bronze !
(This last item is unfortunately not available anymore at least for now!)
TeaCupCastle is a very unique shop, full of adorable jewelry such as rings, necklaces, chokers, earrings, and more! Their items are handmade and the prices are fair and reasonable. 
The shop owner was really kind and always friendly in answering my messages and questions.
I must advise you this: if you find the perfect item from you, purchase it fast! Most of the jewelery she sells, because are handmade, are one-of-a-kind and unique pieces, so rush before it’s gone 😉
The owner sent me the package on Aug. 01 from L.A and it came to Italy on Aug. 11 which is insane! Super fast! As you can see, the package came in a good condition.
 All the items were wrapped in this simple lilac tissue-paper, firmly scotched- Inside, there were the bubble wrap to keep it safe– bubbleeeeee BUBBLEE ok yeah i love receiving package 80% to pop the bubbles. It all was tied so nothing was broke or damaged.
When I opened the package I received 2 pairs of earrings, the cute business card, the necklace and a unicorn sticker! IT’S SO CUTE I LOVE UNICORNS! They’re like my favourite animals with pugs and cats and I adore it!
Meanwhile, the business card is a cute pink cardstock with the front that shows the matt logo and the link to the etsy’s store, and the back, with a polished pattern of the Sailor Moon sticks !
Here you can see the two pairs of earrings that I got, as they arrived in the package. The first one are a drop shape in a magnet color (grey/blue/silver?lol) with three aquamarine beads.
The second one may seems a simple turquoise stone (that I litterally adore!), but actually there’s a little silver bead on top of the stones that make these earrings unique and catchy.
While the necklace is a golden crewneck chain with the bronze pendant of a heart and a cute pink plastic ribbon. It comes stick to a golden cardstock with a wax seal- sticker on it, a little detail that made me happy! Also, the pink-scotch was also on the back of the  package: I loved finding these little details :’3
Let’s see how these actually look like once they’re on!


I tried the necklace with my Winry Rockbell (FMA) wig, since I haven’t had the time to try it on, and today was the perfect day! 
I did the makeup really fast between my shifts at work, and I was so crazy to try a sweater even if we are in August and it’s hella hot, how do i even?
Anyway! I love the necklace design, it’s so simple but so cute for a little girl, and it’s weareable! It really matches everything! The only thing I find strange is that the charm is bronze while the chain is gold. From the distance it isn’t really visible, but once you come closer it’s a bit tricky. Beside from that, this is one of the cutest piece of jewelery I now own!



The earrings are really easy to put on and comfortable to wear! I can easily match the colour with lots of dresses :’) I love the design of the turquoise stone: the color of the summer sky with black cracks on it! It actually suit my style, or my being as a person: a bright color with lots of shades !

This is the design of a turquoise stone. The earrings actually have fewer cracks, so probably they aren’t actually the famous stone, but just a replica (the weight of them symbolizes that too). Anyhow, the effect is just that, with the silver beads to make them special! Gonna wear this more often than I though. Plus, I love how they match my contact lenses (read the Angel Review here) and my newest wig -which I fell in love with- from eBay!

TeaCupCastle‘s jewelry is truly one of a kind, so check out the shop, & if you see something that catches your eye, act quick and purchase it before it’s gone!
 ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Thank you so much to TeaCupCastle for sending me the lovely necklace and earrings to review!

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