[REVIEW] Linsenfinder – "Monster"

Hello! The review for today is once again Linsenfinder!
I want to underline for everyone reading, that they have never sponsored any kind of lens to me. Every review I made is because I’ve bought the lenses from them, because I think they are great and their lenses never let me down.

Today’s pair is “Monster // Monster“, a green one with black “veins” looking like a cracked window on it. I bought them for my Jade Harley (Homestuck) cosplay, but unfortunately they didn’t arrive in time for the con. Linsenfinder fastly answered my question about the delay, explaining that there were strinkes all over Europe. I had to bought a pair of green lenses while at the con. I have to say the one I bought were great as the Monster one (even without the cracks), but I was so sorry I couldn’t try them! ;;

So this review is made just for my pleasure, because I don’t have the need to try the lens at all- if not for this :9

Stock photo from eBay.com

I usually purchase the lenses from eBay because to me it’s just easier, so you can find the link of the eBay shop and of their actual online shop.

These are its characteristics:
Power Range                 Plano 0.00
Diameter                       14.50mm
Center thickness      0.07mm (±0.02mm)
Base Curve                       8.60°
Water content                   45%
Wearing time                12 Month

So they’re annual and they are 14.4mm so they do enlarge a bit the eye. Please notice that I have big eyes, so on me it won’t make such an effect, but on an average person it’ll make the eye bigger.

Here they are as they arrived: the two lenses properly sealed in the saline solution, the free case marked by Linsenfinder and a nice business card talking about a contest they do every month on Instagram & Facebook.

I tried them with my Hiccup wig (sorry if you cant properly see it, but it’s not important in this review).

I think they do a great effect, the impact is so gorgeous even from far they will notice you for these lenses! Even though you have to come a bit closer to see the details of it, on a portrait-shot they will be perfect to impress everyone!

I’m satisfied that, as I know working with Linsenfinder since 2012, they cover my eyes really well, even if I have dark brown eyes. Actually, I think on a person with light eyes these lenses will be even more stunning, but just like this are awesome! They even enlarge the eye a bit 😉

The shipping was the only thing that bothered me, as I explained before, but it wasn’t mine or Linsenfinder’s fault, so I’m gonna pass it on and just stick with the fact that I now have beautiful green lenses !

Some random selfie I took while wearing them! Even with a filter the effect is stunning!

I apologize for my dark circles, they are a part of me nowadays lolz

see ya next post!


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