[REVIEW] Honeycolor – Eos New Adult Brown

Sorry for the absence, both me and Ireth were busy with school. I just started my last year of highschool, and she is at her first in uni! I’m so happy and proud of her! 
I will try to post more in the next days, but since my days are filled up with litterally everything, I hope to make it!

For today’s review: HoneyColor!

Unfortunately, I did NOT buy from them, I took part in a group order so we had free express shipping.


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[TUTORIAL] Alice Madness Return’s – Vorpal Blade Tutorial

I’m gonna attempt something different, I usually post reviews (that’s what I made the blog for in the first place) but with Ireth we’re trying to create something bigger and better, so we want to talk about conventions and cosplay-world, and posting tutorials to help y’all!

Material used:

  • white foam, 2mm
  • worbla’s finest art
  • champagne corks
  • acrilic woodglue
  • relief paint
  • gold, silver, black and brown acrilic colors
  • brushes 

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[REVIEW] – Klenspop Bunny Color Brown & Madonna Violet

Hi cuties ! Today’s review it’s for the awesome Klenspop!
They’ve sent me two pair of lenses this time! One is brown, and the other is violet, because I was talking to them about how difficoult time I was having to find  purple pair of lenses that covered my eyes while still remaining purple!
The shipping took about 2 weeks, and this time they gave me a tracking number so I knew when the package was reaching my house! The lenses are safe-wrapped in bubbles, and as usually they weren’t damaged at all!
The two packages were in perfect condition: as last time they come with a leaflet with instruction on how to put on/remove and keep clean the lenses. The boxes have inside the contact lens case and mini plastic lens-twizzers, all with the cost of the lenses!
The two pairs are gratuated (I’m shortsighted) and the power prescription suits perfectly! I love how they have a big range of prescriptions for us little goldeneyes!
The background for these photos is the backpack I’ve buyed from Romwe some weeks ago! You can read more about it and find the direct link to it to purchase it: HERE
Let’s begin! The first pair is Bunny Color Brown!

stock photo from klenspop.com

Here’s how the lenses come, as I’ve described before. This pair is from the BUNNY brand, their diameter is 14mm, the graphic diameter is 13.8mm, the water content is 38% and the base curve is 8.6mm.
They last six months, and they come from Korea :9


And this is when I tried them on! Yes, they are reaaaally similar to my eye-color, the difference it’s almost impossible to see! Also, since the graphic diameter is so small, they won’t let your true eye color show, and I think that’s really great! 
Sorry if the first photo is a bit smudged, I have no idea what happened with my camera ;___;
I’ve made a close up for you to let you see that my eyeliner is dead , rest in peace (lol)
Beside that, this is to show that actually my brown is truly covered and highlighted to create the perfect look for anytime occasion!
Enjoy these two selfies I took yesterday night at work while wearing them! I’ve used them for the whole night (from 6pm to 2am) and they never hurt, instead they were so comfortable I was going to bed still wearing them! (bad thing, please don’t act like me!) Still, I loved them to stars!
The second pair is Madonna Violet!
stock photo from klenspop.com

Here’s how the lenses come, with the free case and the twezzers. This pair is from the MADONNA brand, their diameter is 14mm, the graphic diameter is 13.5mm, the water content is 38% and the base curve is 8.6mm.
They last six months, and they come from Korea :9


I have no idea why the light is SO different in the photos I took, but I didn’t like to modify it since it has to show the lenses as they are. I think these lenses are great! They are perfect for cosplay purposes, and with the good light they will enchant anyone!
They enlarge the eye a bit, and the graphic diameter is not as big as the first pair, but even so they don’t let your eyes show, so you’ll be an awesome elf princess *v*
 I don’t know why they gave me the idea of an Arabian prince or something like that and blue is a thing to me hahha. Also I love bangs but I will never have one myself I’m that kind of weird. I love this lenses! 
Also I bought a new eyeliner yay it won’t last really long cause I use them a lot but welcome to the family !

Hope you enjoyed this review! I love Klenspop, their service is awesome, the lenses are the most comfortable I’ve ever worked with, and they have a really great selection at affordable prices! I advice this brand to everyone :3

Now I’m gonna go back to my work, and I’ll be rewatching Billy Elliot because I’m in the mood of young brave uncommon artists. Have you ever watched it? Let me know what do you think, or what is your advice about a movie to watch or artists to know! I love trying new things :’)

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[REVIEW] NimbusPrintShop (Etsy)

Hello cuties! Today’s review it’s all about my Japan fetish: Studio Ghibli!
NimbusPrintShop sells tons of tshirts with all kind of prints on them. From anime to rock inspired tshirts. Prints include Studio Ghibli movies (yay), Cowboy Bepop, among other popular anime to famous musicians from the past. Even better, you can select the color and size you want!
The owner of the shop is very friendly and kind, and answers quickly every question! But he didn’t asked me which product I’d like to review, and he sended something just knowing my size, so.. it was a surprise! Like Christmas :9

I received the awesome Studio Ghibli Inspired Screenprinted T-Shirt 
I’m so happy I received a Studio Ghibli-inspired t-shirts, Miyazaki is one of my favourite artists, and I’ve seen all of his films! 

Stock photo from NimbusPrintShop





The package arrived within two weeks, and the shirt was folded with a print of our etsy’s conversation and a “Thanks!” written on it, so adorable!
The shirt was a bit messy, but it’s obvious since the long trip from America to Europe she had to stand! 

I got the tshirt in an adult medium size, and it’s HUGE. I love comfy sweater and so on, so to me it’s not a problem at all, but remind this when doing your purchase.
The color is very lovely, pastel is not really my thing but this lilac color is very cute!


The only thing I’m concerned about it’s the print: although the fabric is so soft, and the print on it it’s perfect: it won’t budge even if you stretch it, I asked myself why printing white on a lilac tshirt.. it’s a bit difficult to see ;____; it’s such a beautiful design it’s a shame! So if you’re going to buy from this store, remember to check everything out!

Thanks to NimbusPrintShop for the awesome tshirt! See ya next review!

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[TUTORIAL] Psycho Pass Dominator – cosplay prop with LEDs

I just love the series of Psycho Pass and I liked the idea of the Dominator with lights ~
I’ve found a way to do it easily so I decided to share it with everyone!

TIME : 10 h 30′ +  drying time

MONEY: 1.5/5


  • The pattern made by Laitz
  • Scissor
  • Cardboard
  • Super glue or hot glue, or both or anything that can glue things together
  • 3V battery
  • 5 blue LED diodes
  • Some little electric cables
  • Interrupter
  • Gesso
  • Acrylic paint (black and brown)
  • Silver sharpie
  • Pencil
Let’s get started!

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