[REVIEW] Honeycolor – Eos New Adult Brown

Sorry for the absence, both me and Ireth were busy with school. I just started my last year of highschool, and she is at her first in uni! I’m so happy and proud of her! 
I will try to post more in the next days, but since my days are filled up with litterally everything, I hope to make it!

For today’s review: HoneyColor!

Unfortunately, I did NOT buy from them, I took part in a group order so we had free express shipping.


Actually I was looking for a yellow pair of lenses that looked “natural” (as yellow can possibly be) and HC doesn’t really have a big stock for yellow-lenses, so I tried these which are a light-brown.
I was not let down! They fits perfectly and look yellow-ish, which is perfectly fine for me!

This was the photo the “group master” sent me– sorry for the quality!

This was the package I received

Please note that this package was not sent to me from HoneyColor, but from my friend with whom I’ve taken the order. So don’t mind the messyness of it.

The lenses, in solution, come with a free case shaped like a hippo. Mine was grey, which made the thing cuter!

I love  this design! The color is very dreamy, and the shade is slightly golden. There is a defined black ring and the detailing of this lens is just very different and unique. The lenses are quite opaque but they somehow blend into the eyes as the center of the design breaks into smaller specks. 
Since their diameter is 14.5mm they’re not the biggest when it comes to enlargement. But I like them just as they are.
I’ve got mine graduated because I’m a bit shortsighted, and they were perfect for my prescription, I can clearly see everything around me.  

I used them also for my Zuko’s cosplay from Avatar: The last airbender!
Pic from Paolo Kumar


Pic from Cherries & Bubbles

More photos HERE!

Sorry if the scar is on the wrong side, I just can’t draw it right on my left and I don’t want to edit the photos without the photograpers permission. 
Overall I am very happy with these lenses, and highly recommend these lenses if you want to achieve the cool look! Love the colour pigmentation and how it lightens up your eye colour, especially if you originally have dark eye colour like mine!
Hope you enjoyed this review!

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