[REVIEW] Blippo

Hi cuties! Today’s review is for the awesome shop Blippo!
Recently I received a small box with kawaii goodies from Blippo. You might know them for their kawaii plushes, magazines, straps, candy, bags and much more!

After you’ve placed an order, you’ll receive an e-mail with a list of your items and the tracking code. My package arrived in almost a month, which is the just the average time Smile All the items came securely packed in a small cardboard box. Inside the package I found the items and some puffle to preserve them from being hurt.

All the items were carefully placed inside plastic bags. That means they won’t reach you being ruined or anything.
Let’s start this review!



3 in 1 Alpaca Metal Charm


Stock photo from Blippo.com
“This super kawaii keychain is so cute! It has three different color adorable alpacas that look so sweet your heart will melt! The material is durable metal so it will hold well! So cute!”



This keychan is adorablee! Alpacas are my favourite!! They are about 3.5 cm tall, in pastel pink, yellow and aquamarine ! I attached it to my pencilcase for school, and all my friends kept asking me where did I found something so cute and so well-made! Now you know it :9

White Kawaii Pill Box – Happy Bunny


Stock photo from Blippo.com
“This super cute bunny pill box can be used for so many things! Use it not only to keep your medicine organized, but also for storing small jewelry or candy. Each box includes one large and two small compartments to easily separate items, and a small metal chain that you can use to attach the box to your keys, bag or wallet. So handy!”



This Pill Box is 7 x 5.5 centimeters, and it has a little bunny, two friends and a strawberry drawn on it, all in pink! I’m currently using it to keep my earrings, it’s just the right size! I was always worried to lose one of the pair while travelling with them in the beauty case, but now I don’t have that problem anymore! Life-saver!

Puffy Animal & Dessert Sticker


Stock photo from Blippo.com
“These kawaii puffy stickers are both cute and delicious! The sheet features different cute animals and desserts like nekos & teddies in cupcakes, bunnies in cake rolls and lots of other cuties and treats! Brighten up your notebooks, gifts and cards with these soft and eye catching stickers!”



These stickers are sooo fluffly! I can’t stop myself from keep touching them! The design is the cutest, with all the pretty animals and the sweets– so yummy! I used a bunch on my telephone, and others in my school’s agenda. They make everything cuter and better!


Small Chocolate Mirror & Comb


Stock photo from Blippo.com
“This sweet chocolate mirror case looks like the real chocolate! Each case comes with a comb inside to keep your hairstyle kawaii chic all day long. There are 2 colors, brown and pink. Choose you favourite color!”




About this  item I just have to say that is pure genius. It’s so handy and useful and in the littlest space anyone can imagine! It’s just 9.5 x 3 cm! I can’t imagine my life without it anymore, it’s so useful (yeah i repeat myself because it really is!) whenever me or my friends want to check out how make-up is doing or to take away a knot in our hair, this is the solution!



Glico Collon Biscuit Roll – Green Tea filling


Stock photo from Blippo.com
“Glico’s Collon biscuits are little wafer roll tubes with a delicious and soft creamy filling. The crunchy texture and deliciousness of the Matcha green tea flavored filling are something that you will not find from any traditional western snack. Despite the strange name, these are a must try for every fan of Japanese sweets!”



If you’re ever worried about any allergies, they will come with the ingredients written for us non-japanese-reader on the top of the box! Stay safe cuties!



I have to admit I wasn’t sure about wafers with green tea in them, but after I took these photos, the package suddenly vanished! How that? They were so good!!! I want another twenty boxes! I’ve been in Japan once in my life and I’ve already tried Glico’s gorgeous sweets, but never had the courage to try the green tea flavour. I have no idea why i didn’t before, they are so good I’ve eaten the entire box in a puff!


Oh, and you just have to try out their Kawaii box and Candy box ! Awesome ideas at right prices!
Also, they said they’d like to sponsor me for a giveaway! So keep an eye on this blog for it to come!
I wanna thank Blippo, and especially Mika who spoke to me, for the awesome offers they’ve given and for the opportunity! Their service is the BEST. I mean  it. The website is planned to work perfectly, the shipping is free, the prices are awesome, and they are so cute and kind! Won’t forget this shop in my life!

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