[REVIEW] – LoveShoppingHolics: Vassen Dolly Plus Red & Toyoepin lashes

Hi! I’m Cyclove!

This Lucca I’m gonna return in the cosplay world after so long and I wanted to be perfect. What’s the perfect way to do so? Lenses!
Vassen Dolly Plus in red was my best choice but then the problem: I’m really short-sighted (-4;-4.75) and most of the shops didn’t have the power I need. What to do?

They’ve got powered lenses up to -8! How cool is that?

On the 01-09 i placed and order on the LoveShoppingHolics site for the Vasen lenses in full hype mode and I got carried away…
A pair of Toyoepin lashes ended in my basket too. They where to0 cute and lonely, I had to.

After just 5 days after the order and payment (btw they take paypal too!) my order was on my way!
I’ve chosen the longest and cheapest shipping metod but on the 28-09 they were already here… but I missed the postman, lol.

Fast forward to the post office. I was ready to pay custom, but then again LoveShoppingHolics surprised me: they marked it as a gift, yay!
I was a bit anxious just because of the packaging: lenses in an envelope? Oh-oh.

Phew, nothing broke or damaged, and everything was well packed in bubble wrap, amazing!

One is a eyemask and the other is one of those thingie for keeping the hair in place while putting makeup or lenses. Nice!
Look at that cute Spongebob tape too! Gosh!

Next: Lashes.

They’re really cute for being so cheap, and the double pair is a real bargain!
I think that, with a trim, you can use one pair as bottom and the other pair as a top lashes. Saving money guys!

Onto the main thing: Lenses.

They were in a cute purple sheer bag and double wrapped in bubble, as you can se in the photo.
The pink hippo case was ANOTHER GIFT.

I’ve got the right power, thank God! The phial are untouched and perfect.

You can see them, look! I have to admit that I choose this lenses because they remainds me of watermelon.
The little black marks near the pupil are like seeds!

Out of the phial and in the saline solution. I let them rest for about 5-6 hours before putting them on just to be sure!

Onto the try!

Sorry for the sleepy eyes, but I’ve had flu for the past few days lol.I used flash on every photo, the weather was awful, but I think that they look cute without too.
The definition of the pupil is so much fun. Like. Look I have seeds in my eyes! Can it be cuter?
It’s the first time that I use lenses and I must say: it’s really comfy, I can see without glasses no problem! I just feel them moving a bit but it’s more fun than an issue.
Putting them on was more of a problem, they’re bigger than I tought, but with a bit of a practice it will be easier.

Make up time!
Something simple but I really love the combo of lashes and lenses! Maybe the lashes are just a bit to small for my taste… But only a bit!
Boyfriend told me I looked like Feitan? Or some strange Uchiha lol

Overall I love everything. 10/10.
Lenses are my fave, I want to use them everyday, but I like myself better with glasses…Maybe I should get some without power to wear them for fun under them! orz
I hope this will be helpfull to everyone short-sighted like me in need of a good site to buy lenses from!
I loved LoveShoppingHolics fast and well organized site. I know I will use them more and more!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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