[REVIEW] Etsy – Sirenlovesyou

Hello cuties!
Today’s review is for the Etsy’s shop Sirenlovesyou !
They make awesome bows inspired by japanese anime/videogames!
Here there are some examples! The first one are from DramaticalMurder, the others from Yowapeda. Can you spot all the characters and teams to which they belong to? Let me know in the comments :’)

I thought they were going to send me one bow, and I had no idea from which anime/videogame, so I was just excited as being Christmas when the package came in!
It only took a week to reach Italy! It was insanely fast! Good job in shipping ☼
It was in the best condition I’ve ever experienced. Not a scratch, not even a crease. It seemed so new!
As I opened it, a giggle came out of my mouth, Siren did not only sent me TWO bows instead of one, but they chose Haikyuu!! I’m litterally dying from happiness.


These are HQ’s bows as shown in their shop.



She also added a kind and cute note in the package! 



I received Karasuno & Nekoma ‘s ones. I must say I love all the three teams equally, so everything would have been best for me, but how did they knewww?? I don’t know but omg they are so cute!
As their shop says: “These bows measures 4.5”x2.364” with a crocodile clip in the back. The design is custom printed on 100% cotton so feel free to wear it with pride, rain or shine! Though we don’t really recommend you throwing this little guy into the washing machine anytime soon. Can be worn both as a hairclip or a bowtie on a collared shirt.” 
This is the original design they’ve made! Awesome!
Kageyama approves!
The two bows are made in cotton, and are about 10 x 6 cm. Karasuno’s color are perfect, but I think Nekoma’s red should be a bit more brilliant. Anyway, they look really cool!



Here’s some detailed photos. With a flash the colour is really more vibrant!
Karasuno’s one! The colors are perfect, and it really matches the idea of the school, with the orange bands on the sides and the ics simbol! So lovely!



On the back they have a crocodile clip, which make them the most easy thing to wear ever. Crocodile clips are made directly from heaven.


In the center there’s this cutie patootie little cat! On Karasuno’s there’s a crow, but unfortunately you can’t spot it really well, while on Nekoma is really visible, and I think it’s the perfect touch!
I hope you liked this review! I think their work is awesome and I will wear my bows with volleyball pride *laughs
This monday I’ll leave for Berlin, so please wait for me to come back to Italy for more posts!
Meanwhile, have a nice time!

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