LET’S CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN ~ Tutorials for you ~ Spoopy Wednesday(1)

Halloween is spoopy and, in order to celebrate it and the addition of a new staff member we are going to release 3 tutorial for you every week until the 31st! This will be the first of a little series of tutorials inspired by Halloween !
Stay cool and get ready for your spoopy Halloween with us!
(If you try our tutorials and you feel comfortable with sharing them on Instagram, use the hashtag #cosplayaesthetic so we can see your works!)


Blouse – Suit – Flats – Hat – Earring – Ring 
This week outfit is a little starter to get well with October. September has gone, and the Halloween season is near all of us witches ! This is a simple but still damn cute outfit to say hello to the new month! A simple blouse but with a tear hole just under the black ribbon which remind to the suit over it. This may be my favourite piece from this outfit! It all goes with black flats, and you can wear white socks on them but only if you don’t own any visible tattoo on your ankles, otherwise let them shine! As accessory, the coolest hat with prints all over it, the cat earring that will look just like a stretching, and in the end the ring which looks just came out from the new collection of Rogue+Wolf !

Ft. Come Little Children



Hey! I’ve said that the review for my lenses was my only post? Ah! Joking!
I’m here to stay and to commemorate that I made my best thing I can do:

This cupcake are perfect for your party, or give them to children who are “trick or treating”, yum.
This week I will show you how to make the EYES one, they’re totally like cyclops and, since my nickname is Cyclove,  they are really special for me!
Let’s get started!

For the batter you will need:
120 gr all purpose flour;
120 gr butter (warm);
120 gr sugar; 
2 eggs;
1 teaspoon of yeast;
a pinch of salt. 
First thing first:
let’s mix the butter and sugar until creamy.
And beat up the eggs in the mixture.
Look how cute my spatula is, mom bought me just for this tutorial!
Best mom 2k15.
Now I mix in the yeast and the salt.
Last but not least, I sift in the flour.
My sifter is small, better use one a bit bigger if you can!
When the batter is all well mixed I split it into three, for my three different cupcake!
This one, the eye one, will be with chocolate chip!
So add to the batter a spoon full of that deliciousness.
I’ve added more, that’s too good and I’m greedy, but it’s all in your taste!
Onto the backing part!
Line up a cupcake pan with paper liners firs!
Take a teaspoon and fill with the batter half of the paper liner, not to much!
 Or it will overflow during the baking, we don’t want that to happen right?
When you’ve finished all the batter, put the pan in the oven at 180 C for 20 minutes.

BUM. Glorious cupcake chocolate chip ready to take out of the oven!


Take them out of the pan and let them cool completely.
It’s important to have them really cold, or the decoration will melt away!
Now, the cream!
I decide to make, for this awesome cyclops cupcake, my favourite frosting:
Mascarpone cheese.
It’s the most delicious I ever tried, so sweet and creamy!
The ingredients are:
60 gr of mascarpone cheese;
60 gr of whipping cream;
15 gr of icing sugar.
Mix up all the mascarpone and icing sugar first.
I also added some color, to make it purple. I used red and blue, and a bit of pink to make it softer.
I whipped the cream and added a bit by bit into the mascarpone mix,
folding it from the bottom to the top.
Let the cream cool a bit before using it!
Let’s do the eyes cookies! 
I’ve used pre-made crust from the supermarket, and then cut it into circles.
I used a small cup for it, it’s a great substitute if you don’t have a cookie cutter!
Let them bake for a bit, 5-10 minutes, when they’re brown they’re ready.
Royal icing time!
This time you will need:
150 gr of icing sugar;
1 egg white;
some drops of lemon juice.
Start by adding to the egg the lemon juice.
Then whip up the egg white until stiff peaks form.
Lastly add the sugar little by little, while mixing.
Now that the icing is complete you can divide it into small container and colour it!
For the eyes we will need white, green, yellow and dark blue color icing.
I’ve made a rough design by hand and then, using toothpicks, I “plopped” some colored icing following the drawing. Pretty good, no?
You can really go crazy in this step, I also added some sprinkles to make it even more cute!

Lastly, decorating everything!

First prep up all you will need:
the cupcakes;
the mascarpone cheese frosting in a pastry bag;
some chopped hazelnuts; 
the eye cookie. 

Add the cream on top of the cupcake with a “star” tip.
Add the hazelnuts as a decoration and the cookie on top.

Your cyclops cupcakes are done!
This was hard work, with many preparation, but look how spoopy they are.
Aren’t they the cutest?
Try them out with your friends and family and they will thank you!
See you next week for the “DEVIL” cupcake!
A little note before the end:
I made this 3 different cupcake in the same day, 
so the ingredients are for ALL THREE cupcake together! If you want just one kind you need to SPLIT the dosage in 3, or making more cream and cookies! Or better even better… 
Wait for the next week and try them all!




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