[REVIEW] Klenspop – Magic Eye Twister Caramel Choco & Magic Eye Twister Black

Hello babies!
It was about time for another Klenspop review!
Just a reminder that, in my opinion, Klenspop has the best prices regarding circle lenses and their quality is pretty nice!

The package was just like the previous ones, but this time I had a problem with custom inquisitions: it came to me in two months(!)

I had to sign a few papers and pay a plus for the declaration.

It had been opened, and all the items were checked and inspected. I will talk more about this later on this review.

Here’s the first pair of lenses: Magic Eye Twister Caramel Choco!
As usual, the lenses come in the Klenspop box with all the extras mentioned in the previous reviews: the case, tweezers and in the safe glass bottle.
stock photo from klenspop.com


This lenses really have a unique design! The enlargment is minimum, because they are made to make the eye look as natural as possible!
And here’s the second: Magic Eye Twister Black!
stock photo from klenspop.com


This were the one that I was worried about. As soon as I took them off the bottle, the left one seemed a bit strange to me. When I tried to putting it on, it just couldn’t stay on the eye, and kept slipping down and out my eye.

 I want to underline the fact that this has 90% to do with the custom inspection they passed through, and not with Klenspop. All the lenses I’ve ever ordered from them have always be perfectly suitable, and this one is the first to give me problems, so I think is because the package was opened.

In the photo you can see the problem: on your left I’m wearing the Magic Eye Twister Caramel Choco, and as I wanted to compare it with the Black one, the left lens (your right on the photo) just didn’t stayed in position.

Anyway, I explained to you. So let’s move on onto the compare of the two!

Here are the two lenses compared one next to each other onto my finger. They have the exact same design but the color is sligtly different: one is brown, while the other should be black but on my opinion is more a darkest brown. I want to underline the fact that I think it this way because I have dark brown eyes. I’m pretty sure that the Magic Eye Twister Black on a person with hazel or even better green/blue eyes will definitely be black!

In this photo I am wearing only one lens!
I understand it’s a bit difficoult to see because I have myself brown eye, but my real eye is the right one! While the left one, the darker, is the lens. If you open the image you can see it a bit more clearly (as well as my gorgeous eyebag lol)
And here I’ve put on your right the Magic Eye Twister Black lens! The difference here in artificial light is quite unnoticeable, but if you zoom the image you can see it perfectly, the brown blends perfectly into my eye-colour, while the black has the design that is visible for a sharp eye 🙂
And so are the two lenses with flash! The brown is really my eye color! But once again, for people with blue/green eyes these lenses will be perfect!
The last one is in the natural light, with a photo of my whole face because I was just came back from school and I liked my hair but hated my skin and that’s so normal I just decided to put it here without any alteration. 
These lenses are really comfy, I’ll give them an A+ for that! On the other hand, they’re not of any enlargement if you’re looking for that, and neither of them suits my dark eye, at least not for cosplay’s sake. They’re just perfect for that once in a while, to go out and don’t let people notice you are wearing contact lens!
See ya next review!

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