[REWIEW] Parigi Dolci Pastry, Milan.

Hello there!

Last week I went to the nicest bakery in Milan…

and since it’s japanese I decided to share my toughts with you!

It’s located in Paolo Sarpi street, the famous “china town” of Milan

and it’s the sweetest thing I ever been to!
Photo from this site.

They remodeled their shop not long ago and it’s so modern and clean, really japanese like.
Their logo is stamped really everywhere!
Here’s some photo from their facebook of the insides, and some sample of what they make.
As you can see they make mainly cakes and patisserie,
 but they have a little corner with sandwich and slices of pizza.
They added, from this summer, hot & cold drinks to go with their product.
They do bubble tea too!
Everything is take away, because they have a really little shop with only two seats,
 but in Paolo Sarpi there are plenty of benches to sit down and take a good break!
Into what I have tried!
A strawberry swiss roll;
A pudding;
Some checkered biscuits; 
And a hot latte.

It was the first time that I get the hot drinks but these were really good!
Hot enough to be nice in autumn cold but not to burn yourself.
The cup was lovely, I wanted to take it home, but in the end I stained it, damn.
This roll, THIS ROLL.
It was alredy pre cutted and I already loved it. But then I tried it.
It was moist, sweet and it smelled like strawberry.
Not only it TASTED like strawberry, but it SMELLED like strawberry too,
I love it.
You can see how fluffy it is even from photo!
I trully recomend it.
I’m not a grat fan of pudding, but I really wanted it.
Tell me this isn’t the best thing ever. Just try.
I love this, eating everithing with this is 1000 better.
Yes, I took this home. I use it in my daily basis and I regret nothing.
And finaly the cookies.
Cookies are cookies. I like this because they are chekered!
I love the chocolate part, they really do go well with the latte too.
That was it.
Totaly a better morning for me. Don’t you love to have a nice breakfast to start well the day?
Parigi Dolci surely does that everytime I go there.
If you are in Milan and you want to taste a little bit of japan you should really try this shop.
And Paolo Sarpi as well! It’s my fave place to go japanese snack hunting.
So many lovely little market to explore!
See you next time!

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