Hello cuties!

We have a lot of great news, don’t we?
The blog has moved to this new platform, and all of us are happy with it, its really easier to work with and really beautiful for all the graphic-stuff.


As for myself, I was waiting this review! I had the pleasure to speak with the owner of HitoriDesign, Hitori, and he is such a nice and kind person!

That’s how he describes his shop:
“Anime, manga, otaku & kawaii culture products. I offer items based on my favorite shows and films as well as anything that looks cool or cute. Backpacks, pencil cases, necklaces, mousepads, keychains, pins, dog-tags, badges, buttons, magnets, pencil cases, bags, school bags and much much more.”

He is also on Facebook and Pinterest!

I was shaking with impatience to open the package when it arrived! I’ve always looked at his shop because he sells some aweome goods and for all kind of people, whenever show you’ll like!

It’s just the perfect shop for a Christmas present!


And so, moving onto the real stufffff!


Here’s the package! It took a bit more than a month to reach my place, which is exactly the extimated time for this distance (I live in Italy!)

As I opened it, I could already see the awesome design I’ve chosen of Neon Genesis Evangelion! But that will be the last piece of this review, my beautiful babe, the cherry on the top of the cake!



Here’s the very first item! It’s a Tokyo Ghoul Pencil Case in Version 3.

What? Why “Version 3”? Well, of course because in Hitori Design you have a ton of differents designs to choose from! Once you know you want a messanger bag, or a keychain or anything, you just choose which anime/manga you prefer and then you have usually 8 to 10 designs to choose from!

tumblr_ng0cw6wvtg1rtyinao7_r1_250  tokyo_ghoul___title_logo_by_bringlz-d7v90u2

I fell in love with this one, and as I was holding it I was so happy! It’s really awesome, and it’s so fluffy (which I couldn’t believe for some reasons, I thought it was going to be a mere piece of textile with the zipper, but instead..) it really is lined ! The fabric quality is amazing.

The only thing that bothers me a little it’s that the zip isn’t really fluent, and sometimes it opens up while I’m trying to close it >w< I guess I’ll have to change it, but apart from that this pencil case is perfect for the price it costs!


I’ve putted my beloved Crayola’s inside it! Doesn’t the coloured/black comparison makes a beautiful effect? Kaneki will not approve this haha!

Also: bonus: Tom Hiddleston perfect face from last month special.



tumblr_static_w9m28h550a8osg4w8sckk0o4    fullmetal_alchemist

Second item! The Fullmetal Alchemist Key Chain in version #1!

It came covered in tissue paper and inside a small plastic pocket- just how much can you be sure of a shipping? It didn’t have a scratch!

This version was chosen by Hitori himself just for me! I asked something from Fullmetal Alchemist as it is my favourite manga ever, and he proposed this keychain. He chosed the awesome draw of the Elric brothers, and I love it so much! Thanks Hitori!

Doesn’t it looks so cute with all my other keychains on my school’s pencilcase? And look at little Edward next to it! So cute!




And here it is. Last but not least, my favourite piece. I was crying while opening it! I truly couldn’t believe the awesomeness of it!

I’ve chosen the Evangelion Backpack in version 6!

I thought the front design was just that- a design. But it’s a pocket! A DOUBLE pocket actually, and one of them also has a zipper!!!
The design is attached to the backpack through a magnet, and it’s so well made I can’t even believe this.

The braces are adjustable, thanks god because I’m a hell of a tall person :^)


The zipper had its pull tabs covered so they wouldn’t have ruined during shipping! How cool it’s that? And when I took away the tissue paper and the scotch, they had this awesome ellipse shape, and ofc are made in steel!


And it had not ended there!
I opened it and it didn’t only have one pocket, but THREE POCKET MORE!
One on the back and two on the front part of the backpack! What can I ask more from an awesome Etsy shop?

I siriously reccomend these backpacks to everyone that’s looking for one, or that want to surprise someone for a present! It’s so well-made, unique and WITH POCKETS!!!



I am so happy of my backpack ;;
I’m a happy Asuka goodbye world!


My mirror is really really really dusty but you can see it’s the size of an actual backpack, with cool designs on it and awesome zippers and pockets everywhere ! You can find more of these on HitoriDesign !



Thank you so much to Hitori for cooping with me and standing my long messages on Etsy! Your shop is one of a kind, and I really advice everyone to at least take a peek on it!




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