Hi everyone! How are you doing? These holiday are way too cold here in Italy >w< but I had the greatest lunches of the whole year! (I’ll be fat *rollinrollin)

So yeah, I thought it was the time to write down this review since I’ve bought these clothes in august I guess (??) – I’m not really sure… – but let’s move on!

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Yo! As I told you earlier this Lucca I was returning in the cosplay hobby, but I don’t really have great skill in sewing. What to do? 

I did buy only two dresses this time:
my Lulu cosplay (League of Legends)
and a lovely cat dress.
(which turned out to be a “cosplay” too!)

I brought this dresses from two shop:
SANI  and FantasySheep.

They have many others cosplay and kawaii fashion items.
But first, here’s my opinion for them!


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[REVIEW] Klenspop -Ellen Panda Brown


Hi babes!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been really busy with making Christmas presents and preparing some birthdays!

But finally here I am, with another awesome review for Klenspop ! This shop will be awesome right now if you’re looking for Christmas presents! They sells amazing lenses, with or without prescription, and for such gorgeous prices!


Today I’m gonna review Ellen Panda Brown (*v*)
I had never tried Ellen collection before, so I was really excited to open the package! Also, I didn’t hope for it to come so soon, usually in this period, with all the presents flying to their new homes, packages can take more than a month to arrive, but this only took two weeks!


stock photo from klenspop.com

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