[REVIEW] Klenspop -Ellen Panda Brown


Hi babes!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been really busy with making Christmas presents and preparing some birthdays!

But finally here I am, with another awesome review for Klenspop ! This shop will be awesome right now if you’re looking for Christmas presents! They sells amazing lenses, with or without prescription, and for such gorgeous prices!


Today I’m gonna review Ellen Panda BrownΒ (*v*)
I had never tried Ellen collection before, so I was really excited to open the package! Also, I didn’t hope for it to come so soon, usually in this period, with all the presents flying to their new homes, packages can take more than a month to arrive, but this only took two weeks!


stock photo from klenspop.com


Here’s what the package looked like when it arrived. This time the lenses weren’t in a single box inside the bigger one, but they were in a bubble wrap on their own, while the lens-case and the tweezer were in a plastic safety bag. Everything was under the lens-instructions, which are really useful if this is your first pair of lenses!
Nothing was broken neither damaged, as always klenspop assure quality!


I don’t know if you can perceive just from the lens-case, but this lenses wew huge! Their DIA is 14.8 mm! They’ll really enlarge your eye!

On this review, like my previous one, I have a problem with the contact case! The pink side is the Left side, while I’m so used to it to be Right damnit. Since it’s not the first time it has happened to me with Klenspop, I’ve started marking with a marker the caps so that at least I know which one is the right and which is the left!


On to the try! Β You can really see in the first pic, that they’ll enlarge the eye A LOT! But luckily they won’t make you look like an alien, instead they’ll give you more a puppy-kawaiish look!
I really, really appreciated these lenses. My eye didn’t hurt at all while trying them on, and they were so comfy I couldn’t take them off >w<

I will definitely try more Ellen Panda Lenses, I’ve fell in love with these! Ellen Panda comes in Green, Blue, Blue/4 colour, Violet, Aqua and Brown like the one I’m wearing and talking about in this review.
You can see all the colors HERE!


Lastly, two selfies I took with my Nikon! My blue hair are discolouring and I’m so sad about it! But I enjoyed them while they lasted, and the next colour (that might occur in Jan/Feb) will be violet! I can’t wait for it!

Anyone, I really suggest Ellen to everyone who’s looking for the most cute look possible! I myself will try more colour, since I’ve enjoyed so much this pair :^)

Have a nice day!



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