Hi everyone! How are you doing? These holiday are way too cold here in Italy >w< but I had the greatest lunches of the whole year! (I’ll be fat *rollinrollin)

So yeah, I thought it was the time to write down this review since I’ve bought these clothes in august I guess (??) – I’m not really sure… – but let’s move on!

The first purchase that I made is this dress.
The material is cotton and it is like is seen in the picture. There’s only a negative thing: it isn’t a dress, it is a simple tank top, maybe a little long. Maybe is just because I’m tall so I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are taller than 5′ 5”

Stock photo from newdress.com

Fortunately this is the only bad thing of this “dress”: it’s available in a very big variety of colors and I’m using it anyway as a tank top under the sweater~

Of course I’ve bought something else! For a long time I was struggling to find a nice pleated skirt at a reasonable price…and you know what? I’ve found it!

This pleated skirtΒ is available inf four colors: Wine Red, Black, White and Purple! I bought the black one because I wouldn’t use it if it was of another color.


Stock photo from newdress.com


I’m pretty satisfied with this product. The fabric is a bit light so the skirt I think I’d be more indicated for the warm seasons, but you can wear it in any case if you want~
The size and the measurement are absolutely P E R F E C T , and this, my dear, isΒ an amazing fact!

So, if you’re looking for an affordable and pretty pleated skirt I would absolutely recommend it to you!


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