[REVIEW] Klenspop – Ellen Panda Blue

Hello babies!

Here’s my newest review for Klenspop !

As always they were fast and reliable with the shipping and the service, I really love dealing with them because you always know you’ll receive what you deserve! I also got the tracking number for this shipping, because due to Christmas time I was a bit worried about it, but it came with only a few days of delay from the date of arrival I was expecting. So amazed by the fact he came before other orders I’ve done in December! Christmas is really a bother for shipping, but I think Klenspop handled it really well!


Let’s start with this review!
On my last one I tried Ellen Panda’s brand, in gray, and I absolutely fell in love with the design and how outstanding these lenses were, so I went for another pair of the same brand, this time in blue!

I tried Ellen Panda Blue !

stock photo from klenspop.com


These are its specifics, I thought adding this image to the review can really help you out sorting which kind of lenses we’re dealing with!

As you can see, the diameter will give a bit of enlargement to the eye -just the right amount to be cute without looking like an alien- and it comes with a great variety of power!



The lenses came safe and sound in about a month. As I said, it took a bit more than usual because of the holiday time and the Christmas-packages madness!

Still, the box was intact, it included lens wearing manual, and the box of lenses was wrapped in bubbles!

I litterally adore this new design! I really like pop-art and this case remember me that a lot! I stiched it to my wall of memories, it was too beautiful to throw away!
You can see the design of the previous cases on my other reviews, for example this one.

Here are the photo as I opened them! The panda on the vials is so adorable I love this brand even more! I might buy Ellen Panda forever just to have all this cuties with me he’s holding an onigiri omg i love him!!!

The lenses’ design looks really beautiful, with lines on the outside and on the inside of the eye! I really like when lenses are made like that uvu



Here’s what they look like once on!

Unfortunately I have really dark eyes, so it’s always a problem for me to find blue lenses that can stand out well without my natural color blending the tone. In this case it happens, so the beautiful color you’ve saw seems a bit greyish, but it’s still so cute I will definitely use them!

With flash you can really enjoy the lenses’ design, and i think it’s really great that is so visible because it makes you want a close up (which I’ve included just for that purpose!)



Here’s a look I attempted with them on! I wanted so bad to try out my new elf ears, and my new eyeshadows palette, and when you put the two together… an elven princess? or prince?? really I don’t know but I like how the result came out!

The wig is my Kaneki Ken wig weared upside down can you believe it? If you look you’ll notice the bang is not cut at all to be a bang, and the side point backwards -to where my face should be-. This is a really fun way to create new styles from old wigs, but the cap will hurt your ears after a while, so i suggest not to do this at a con, but only for a costest or some selfies with friends!


That’s all for today folks! See ya next post, or keep up with me on my Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr, I’m @eireenene on all these platforms!



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