[REVIEW] – ChronoBeads (Etsy)


Hello babies!

Sorry for the lack of posting, I didn’t buy so many things in the last period, but this month should come to me a lot of packages, and I can’t wait to let you see what I’ve bought :9


Meanwhile, I fell in love with a shop from Etsy that struck me like a lighting. I was cosplaying Mami Tomoe at CosMo (Modena, Italy) two weeks ago, and while just randomly lurking through the stands, actually looking for a present for a friend, which I actually found but it costed so much money qwq.. anyway! I was nearly going home after all the day at the con, and I really was exhausted, and then I saw ChronoBeads‘ stand.


Eireenene as Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, @CosMo, Ph: Irish Gerry Photography

Real talk here: I adore to the moon and back the film Princess Mononoke, or Mononoke Hime as you wish, from Studio Ghibli. It affected my childhood and my behaviour as a person & I still think to San and Ashitaka as role models.

Of course it being one of my absolute favs, I’ve always wanted to cosplay San, which I’m working on (for real) but as those cosplay you really care for, I want it to be perfect, so I’ll wait for every detail to be in its place before bringing it to a con! But that’s another story!


So, I was walking right past the stand when I actually saw what they were selling.
I did not buy everything just because I couldn’t afford it after the con-day, but geez I wanted it so so so bad!

Still, I managed to buy a keychain of my absolute fav, Mononoke’s Mask! It’s so difficult finding Mononoke gadgets that are on point, not useless and well-made, and this suited all the characteristics!
Also, the shop owner was super kind like she was as tired as I was but she stopped and talked to me about their project, and how they make the thing happens and even noticed my imaginary single tear for the absence of Zuko (it was sold before I could catch it, damn!) and said she’d love to make another! SO kind.

But since all the keychains and earrings I saw on that stand that day were adorable, I searched for them right when I came home! I found their Facebook, their Instagram and last but not least, their Etsy!

And just some days ago they’ve also opened a Redbubble account, which means they now sells even t-shirts, mugs and pillows!


Their items are so majestically beautiful! I must post some examples because they are just too much for words!

(all photos belongs to ChronoBeads)

So, they sell these unique pixelated gadgets made with plastic beads, and every bead is placed by them ! Like omg such details! Also, all the designs are designed by them what can you ask more?

I desire all the Atla’s collection so bad it’s gonna be my next buy for sure


THESE BABES (photo belongs to ChronoBeads (but they will belong to me lol))


Now, moving on the real review! I’ve bought a Mononoke Hime Mask phone charm, which at the moment isn’t actually sold in their store, so I can’t link you the exact item, but guess what

they. take. custom commission.!!!! that is the coolest thing!

You can litterally ask for any character, any logo, anything you want and with just an image to use as sample for them they’ll do what you ask! hOW AWESOME is that I’m litterally going to order an armada of characters from all my favourite manga & videogames like omg FMA and Haikyuu and some precious Noragami or Bioshock stuff or omg can you imagine a Game of Thrones or a Hobbit characters ok I’m freaking out

this review is literally going out of hand!

Anyway! The phone charm is lovely, and coolest thing on earth, is really well made and resistant! You might think something made out of beads is really fragile and should be handled with care, but they iron them both ways just to make sure they won’t budge -at least if you don’t force them!-

I’ve used mine attached first to my pencil case, moved in and out of my bag and to and from school, and then even on my home keys and it does not even have a scratch! It’s been two weeks and nor my morning rush, neither rain seemed to bother the awesome quality of the product!

I really recommend this store for making present to all your friends!
Just remember they ship from Italy, so take your time if it’s for a birthday or a particular celebration!


Here you can see it among with all my others keychains on my pencilcase! It’s really growing heavy, but I love every character so much I’m so attached to it!
Also, apart from all the keychains that I’ve bought at various cons, and the tamago-sushi piece that is from Japan Pavillion at Expo Milan 2015, the Zuko Keychain is from StarInMyPocket and the FMA Keychain is from HitoriDesign! The two of them are also on Etsy, so you can purchase a ton of animey-keychains all at once and have a big lovely fuss attached to your purse just like me!
Also: the pencil case is from H&M and it’s my favourite ever :9


That is all for today! Hope you enjoyed my new passion, I will create my own personal army of keychains by them!

See ya!


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