[TUTORIAL] Black Art – Tracer’s gun

Christmas is passed and someone very special made me an amazing gift and now I’m here with an XL sheet of  Black Art (also known as Black Worbla), what a disgrace! (lol ,nope)
[If you live in Italy you can buy yours at La Gazzetta del Cosplay]

Anyway, since I’m planning a level up in my cosplay, I decided to start working with these kind of material to have a more durable result.
This year I’ll do Tracer from Overwatch (I’m in love ♥) so I’ll show you some progress of my cosplay to show you how to work with this kind of material and to give you an inspiration (or at least I hope so) for your works!

I did the base with 1cm thick EVA foam: basically I’ve printed the gun in a size that could fit me and then I’ve used it as a pattern to cut the foam.
Since 1 cm wasn’t enough, I’ve glued together to layers of EVA foam.

HINT: It’s better to first glue together the layers and then cut out the shape: this way you’ll have a perfect base. To cut thick material I suggest you to use a polystyrene cutter like this one , it makes your life better, trust me.

After cutting the shape I’ve added a layer of craft foam to make the 3D effect. Then I’ve just shaped and cutted where it needed to add more depth.

HINT: to recreate an effect of separation between two adjacent section you have to make a little incision and then heat with a heat gun

Now I’m going to cover it all with Black Art~




I’ve added some more details to accentuate the tridimensionality of the guns – it’s not perfect as I wanted but it’s my first experience with worbla and I’m kinda satisfied.

ATTENTION: working with worbla means using a hot gun so please pay attention! This material heats at a lower temperature than the normal worbla but it still hot. Please use a pair of heat resistant gloves if you’re not used to be in contact with heat.

Now that the base is done it’s time for painting! I’ll use the cheapest acrilic colors and then I’ll cover it all with glue.
I’m not going to show you how to do it this time, but as soon as I’ve finished I’ll post the final result.

Of course the gun isn’t 100% complete: I’ll add some more details after the painting.

Please let me know what you think about it and if this little tutorial helped you guys!
And if you follow this tutorial post your work in the comments!


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