[REVIEW] LoveShoppingHolics – Vassen Diamond 3 Tone Gray


Happy Sunday!
Hope you’re spending it doing great things! I’m currently at Vicomix, a con in Vicenza (North Italy), and this is a programmed post!
Eireenene here, yet again with another review from LoveShoppingHolics!

If you want to read the information about the package & the shipping, please read the first post I’ve made about this order! This is the third pair of lenses from that order, and it’s one of the free ones I’ve received from them! As I wrote in my previous post, there was a promotion and every two lenses bought by you, you’ll receive one for free! I had bought and already reviewed:

And it’s now time for another Vassen! I’m really in love with this brand, the design they use is gorgeous and I’m really happy that one of the freebies I received is a Vassen too!




stock photo

It’s time for Vassen Diamond 3 Tone Gray ! Just look at the awesome, gorgeous, stunning design of these lenses! It takes my breath away! They have a lot of different gray and black triangles, but also some gold-hazel dots and all into one lens! Too beautiful to be described with words, I’m really thankful I received this lenses as they were randomly selected!

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[REVIEW] Bodyline-Remilia Scarlet dress.


Yo! It’s Cyclove here!
And I have a great review for you!

At least, I’m really happy to bring this for you!
BODYLINE started a cosplay brand some times ago,
but no one seem to have noticed! ;v;
BUT there’s a SALE on their site right now!
They still have a lot of thing for 10$ or a bit more like this dress I bought!

I browsed a bit while buying this, searching other review or feedbacks for this cosplay…
But no one seem to have ever done one.
And I was REALLY nervous because, you know, stock photos aren’t always right.
But in the end it was so cheap and I couldn’t resist!

Now I don’t really regret my decision because it’s STUNNING.
It was worth double the price I paid, to say the least.
Totaly, the fabric is nice, the ribbon are lovely and it’s the most confortable cosplay I own!


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[CON] Winter Novegro – 6/7 February 2016

Hello lovelies! Welcome to a new kind of post! This time I’ll talk about a comic convention that takes place near Milan, in the North of Italy!

I wore Howl Jenkins Pendragon from Howl’s Moving Castle on Saturday with Cyclove as Sophie, and Nathan Prescott from Life is Strange on Sunday with a LiS group! Unfortunately, I do not own HQ pics of them because the weather was awful and so I didn’t managed to take proper photos!


It was my very first time at Festival del Fumetto / Novegro c:
I attended the Winter one, but they also have on in Spring, which is awesome!

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[REVIEW] Klenspop – Magic Eye Easel


Hello my dearest! Happy st. Valentine’s Day !  ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

Yesterday I baked some cupcakes for my friends, and we celebrated my birthday (which was the 11) together! I loved the night, we ate so much pizza I was exploding! But they were so funny and I had so much fun! They bought me such wonderful presents I was going to cry ;v; I had Han Solo & R2-D2 FUNKO’s figures, a Steam card, a gift card for my local manga-shop, a fried chips notebook, the Star Wars umbrella, a red velvet cupcake, prints of my cosplay with Ireth, TLOZ Mints, pomegranade showersoap, Hatoful Boyfriend and Transistor on Steam, and the book “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones!
So many things! Goodbye social life (hehe)
My bf will buy me the Karasuno’s and Nekoma’s uniforms, and I can’t wait for that! He wrote me a card shaped like a heart, with pizza  and “Will you be my pizza?” printed on it and I  just can’t take it! Also, a lot of my friends have sent me Valentine’s card, one friend of mine sent me 12 of them, all Star-Wars themed (lol) I love them so much!


I also baked cupcakes for everyone! They liked them so much and made me so happy! I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome people!

I had the most awesome bday this year, it’s the perfect start for a 2016 that seemed a bit blue to me! I will do, create and grow better every day, trying to reach all my good intentions, and hopefully ddreamzone as well will grow!


To celebrate today, I’ll bring you my latest lens review!

It’s for Klenspop, the awesomest circle-lens shop I know, they siriously care about their customers! For February, they’ve send all their lenses in pink boxes because of today! So cute!

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[REVIEW] LoveShoppingHolics – Vassen Lollipop / I.Fairy Cara Blue


Hi cuties, Eireenene again! And again with a review for LoveShoppingHolics, I have so many lenses from there that needs a review, buy they are all so unique and beautiful you’ll be always pleased with the result!

I started the review about this package in my previous post! If you want info about shipping, promotions and what will find in the package, just go there!



The vials are the tiniest I’ve ever seen, and that makes them the most adorable of course. They are all pinky-ish with the “i.fairy” label surrounded by jewels and sparles and peluches and crowns and ofc fairies!

This time is all about Vassen Lollipop / I.Fairy Cara Blue !



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[REVIEW] LoveShoppingHolics – Vassen / Fynale Akara Violet


Hello babes! Eireenene here, with a brand new review for a brand new shop!

Contact lenses again, because we can’t live without them, nor could our cosplay! Litterally, everyone should have a pair of circle lenses, they’re not only great for costest and make-up stuff, but you can go out with your friend and be alternative while stilish!


The shop I’ll be reviewing is LoveShopping Holics, and this review will definitely be split up in more parts, because it’s HUGE

For the New Year Festival (2016) they had this awesome promotion: anytime you would buy two pair of lenses, they’ll add one more, randomly but with your prescription, in the package! I had to buy red and blue lenses because my old one were near to expiring, and I needed new one for some cosplay of mine (Yato, Homura)… so I bought four and received six! So awesome!


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