[REVIEW] LoveShoppingHolics – Vassen / Fynale Akara Violet


Hello babes! Eireenene here, with a brand new review for a brand new shop!

Contact lenses again, because we can’t live without them, nor could our cosplay! Litterally, everyone should have a pair of circle lenses, they’re not only great for costest and make-up stuff, but you can go out with your friend and be alternative while stilish!


The shop I’ll be reviewing is LoveShopping Holics, and this review will definitely be split up in more parts, because it’s HUGE

For the New Year Festival (2016) they had this awesome promotion: anytime you would buy two pair of lenses, they’ll add one more, randomly but with your prescription, in the package! I had to buy red and blue lenses because my old one were near to expiring, and I needed new one for some cosplay of mine (Yato, Homura)… so I bought four and received six! So awesome!


LoveShoppingHolics also adds a free cute animal lens case for every single pair of circle lens purchase & you can enjoy free shipping on order over US$50, with the package marked as gift so there won’t be anyt import tax!

The package was shipped on the 19th of January, and I received it the first day of February, so it took less than two weeks to reach my place! It’s really a short time for a free shipping marked as a gift!


It came in good condition, the external wrap was a bit of a mess, but on the inside everything was safely placed in bubble wrap, so not a thing was damaged!

The box which contains the lenses has a sticky-note on it with written “Thank you”!

On the bubble wrap there was a pink package with “Quelque chose de bon peut m’arriver” written on it, which is French and means “Something beautiful may arrive to me” and it’s siriously so cute! Like not only for the pack-also for a life philosophy? “Something better will arrive”, and “Something better is waiting for you!”


Along with the four animal cases they always send when you buy a pair of lenses, there were also three free gift! (Marked with a cute Hello-Kitty stamp). The most useful are the one on the left: there’s a thinghy that I have never saw in Europe, that keeps your hair out of your face while you’re putting on your lenses or make-up, and it really works awesomelly! And the ather is “The Snail Crystal Stealth Mask” which I will try once I have time, and I really hope it works because the bags under my eyes are starting to call for rights (lol)

Please notice: because of a mistake with my camera’s memory, this photo were taken after I had already opened everything. I did took the photo while opening them, but I lost them with several other photos for a tutorial I was working on *cry
I hope you can understand!



This time I’ll talk about Vassen / Fynale Akara Violet, which I bought for my Homura cosplay!


stock photo!

And these are its characteristics:
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.5mm (enlargement effect 16mm ~18mm)
Water Content : 45%
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Let’s try them on!



The enlargement is really on point! Just look at the photo with the comparison between the lens and the eye without it! Also, the colour really stands out even if my eyes are brown and not the usual green/blue! I really can say this is my favourite pair of violet lenses, it’s so difficoult to find good ones and this one are worth any price!



The worst thing about this lenses, which are really beautiful and looks awesome as weared, is that they don’t have any kind of prescription! I’m only a bit shortsighted so it’s not a big deal, but I prefer too when I can walk and see freely at a con ;v;


The close up shows the beautiful design and the lens described as the site says! My real eye can be seen only a little, and in a photo it won’t at all, just see:




I’m so happy to finally cosplaying the bae! Homura has been my favourite Puella for a really long time, even if I cosplayed Mami before :3
The cosplay is from Taobao, but maybe I’ll do a review about that in the future! Still, it came a bit large (sigh) so i have to adjust it before taking it to a con! And I still have to figure out how to do the tights! Anyway, here’s the link.

So guys, just visit LoveShoppingHolics if you’re looking for nice lenses and awesome promotions! They also sells nice makeup stuff and they always put little gifts in the packages! So cute :9




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