[REVIEW] LoveShoppingHolics – Vassen Lollipop / I.Fairy Cara Blue


Hi cuties, Eireenene again! And again with a review for LoveShoppingHolics, I have so many lenses from there that needs a review, buy they are all so unique and beautiful you’ll be always pleased with the result!

I started the review about this package in my previous post! If you want info about shipping, promotions and what will find in the package, just go there!



The vials are the tiniest I’ve ever seen, and that makes them the most adorable of course. They are all pinky-ish with the “i.fairy” label surrounded by jewels and sparles and peluches and crowns and ofc fairies!

This time is all about Vassen Lollipop / I.Fairy Cara Blue !



Origin: Korea
Diameter : 16.2mm
Water Content : 55%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

These lenses also come with a great variation of prescription, that goes up to 8.5! That’s really good for shortsighted people like me :9


As the stock photo, this lenses really have a unique design, that is maybe why they’re so famous! I saw them worn by a lot of different cosplayer and makeup-lookbook artists, they are litterally perfect for everything! As for me, I bought them with my Howl cosplay in mind, and I didn’t regret it at all!


Here’s what they look like once on!


They are a bit darker than expected, but that’s because I have dark brown eyes! I’m sure with green/blue eyes this lenses will be even more awesome! Still, the enlargement is really good, they don’t look alien-ish at all, and the yellow bits can be nearly seen which makes the eye really intriguing (lol)


Thanks to these lenses, my Howl cosplay was complete! I cosplayed him at Winter Novegro in Milan, but I don’t have any good photos of that because it rained really hard all day, the light was awful and I decided that selfies were better than ruining the jacket under the rain!


Calcifer was made by me! But I didn’t have the time to make a tutorial, unfortunately. If you’re interested, I can make another one and photograph that for you! Please tell me if you want it here, or on my Instagram/Facebook pages! I’m “Eireenene” on both!


And last but not least, two selfies that I took with my lovely Sophie, who is Cyclove! You might know her because she also writes reviews and articles for DayDreamZone! You can find here latest one here ! It’s a tutorial about how she made Bat Wings for her Touhou cosplay! Pretty awesome gurl, isn’t she?


See ya next post! It’ll be another lenses review, but this time for Klenspop!


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