[REVIEW] Klenspop – Magic Eye Easel


Hello my dearest! Happy st. Valentine’s Day !  ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

Yesterday I baked some cupcakes for my friends, and we celebrated my birthday (which was the 11) together! I loved the night, we ate so much pizza I was exploding! But they were so funny and I had so much fun! They bought me such wonderful presents I was going to cry ;v; I had Han Solo & R2-D2 FUNKO’s figures, a Steam card, a gift card for my local manga-shop, a fried chips notebook, the Star Wars umbrella, a red velvet cupcake, prints of my cosplay with Ireth, TLOZ Mints, pomegranade showersoap, Hatoful Boyfriend and Transistor on Steam, and the book “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones!
So many things! Goodbye social life (hehe)
My bf will buy me the Karasuno’s and Nekoma’s uniforms, and I can’t wait for that! He wrote me a card shaped like a heart, with pizza  and “Will you be my pizza?” printed on it and I  just can’t take it! Also, a lot of my friends have sent me Valentine’s card, one friend of mine sent me 12 of them, all Star-Wars themed (lol) I love them so much!


I also baked cupcakes for everyone! They liked them so much and made me so happy! I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome people!

I had the most awesome bday this year, it’s the perfect start for a 2016 that seemed a bit blue to me! I will do, create and grow better every day, trying to reach all my good intentions, and hopefully ddreamzone as well will grow!


To celebrate today, I’ll bring you my latest lens review!

It’s for Klenspop, the awesomest circle-lens shop I know, they siriously care about their customers! For February, they’ve send all their lenses in pink boxes because of today! So cute!


The package came in two weeks, as usual, and everything was safely wrapped. It contained instructions on how to wear/remove/keep safe your contact lenses! I love that even if it’s not the first time I receive lenses from Klenspop, they keep adding this leaflet. To me it means that they care about their customers so much that they send one every order you purchase from them!


As I told you, the box is this pop-art piece and this time came in pink! So suited for the day! It’s a case that the vials my lenses were in are also pink, but that makes everything better lol


Anyway, this time I’ll talk about Magic Eye Easel by Polytouch!


tumblr_static_90volfmoud4wwg8w4880w4ssk     pl

It comes with a lot of prescription, and the graphic dia it’s perfect for a circle lens!
The design is utterly amazing! I fell in love with it the exact moment I saw it, I’m so happy to finally be able to try them on! _DSC0076As it was in the case, it makes the eye stunning!
The light brown/gold melts perfectly with my eyes, and leaves the border the duty to enlarge and to underline the line of the eye! I find it incredibly well-made, and so comfortable to put in/out!

Excuse my dark circles, as I told you, I was partying last night and I haven’t slept the few before because of school and amazing plans I’m doing for the future!

A side note is: be careful to put in on the “right side” unless it will hurt a bit and the design won’t be visible!



I tried it with my newest wig, that should’ve been for Yukio Okumura but it’s so different from the pic the shop showed! Damn cheap bids on Aliexpress! Still, for the 5 bucks I payed it, it’s really fluffy and has a lot of hair! It’ll be perfect for an Oikawa Tooru cosplay *thinks about it* If only I did not have in program both Kageyama and Kuroo! (lol)


That’s all for now! I’ll be writing some other stuff today, but I don’t know when will I publish them! (It’s really a busy time with school and family and stuff!)
Hope you’ve enjoyed!




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