[CON] Winter Novegro – 6/7 February 2016

Hello lovelies! Welcome to a new kind of post! This time I’ll talk about a comic convention that takes place near Milan, in the North of Italy!

I wore Howl Jenkins Pendragon from Howl’s Moving Castle on Saturday with Cyclove as Sophie, and Nathan Prescott from Life is Strange on Sunday with a LiS group! Unfortunately, I do not own HQ pics of them because the weather was awful and so I didn’t managed to take proper photos!


It was my very first time at Festival del Fumetto / Novegro c:
I attended the Winter one, but they also have on in Spring, which is awesome!

The con is a bit far away from Milan, but there where buses evey 15-25 minutes to bring you there, so it should have been fine, but the rain was really hard on sunday and a lot of people came to the con with wet costumes or hours late, thanks also to the huge queue that was outside! I managed to get there and had my two-days ticket, but it really was risky! I hope next year there’ll be more bus, somewhere warm and covered where cosplayer can wait for them, and more cash desks open!

Outside the closed pavillion there’s a huge garden with hills and trees but as I said it rained for nearly all weekend! Such a shame, I could’ve taken really awesome shots with my Howl/Sophie cosplay! ;v; Maybe I’ll bring there again next year, who knows? hehe

I also visited for a brief moment the food area. It was really nice compared to other con i’ve visited, there were a lot of tables, and space to cool off from the crowd! Also, there were a lot of food choice: sushi, sandwiches, ramen in a lot of flavours and waffles! They were this super yummi looking chocolate waffle on a stick! I tried them and a lot of people loved it. It was really cute with sprinkles and chocolate drizzle on top! Sadly I didn’t take a pic, but you can just imagine it in your mind!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I only bought these adorable keychains from ChronoBeads ! I ordered them by Facebook, and the Kylo Ren mask pattern was made just for me! As usual, the owner is such a nice and cute person I want to melt ;v; she asked me if the pattern was ok and also made me a discount for buying so many aaaa so cute ;___; I want to buy even more from her, she makes everything with love and passion, and really deserves a lot c:
I can’t wait to meet her again at Vicomix, where she’s gonna hold a stand all for her adorable creations! Also, I’m so in love with her dog Simba, a little pomeranian– lately I’ve been really into poms, they are so fluffy!




Surely the best thing about Novegro Comics is the Purikura stand! It’s so nice seeing those in Italy, and they are so funny to take with friends! I’m really happy that they are coming to conventions all over Italy, like next week there’s gonna be some at Vicomix in Vicenza!
They surely knows how to keep their cosplayers happy!

Near the purikura there were 4 DDR macchines too! And
A game I’ve never seen before, it was a DJ-like macchine, you needed to tap on the rythm of the music.  It seemed fun but there were a lot of queue there too, so I couldn’t try it. I hope I’ll can play some game next time!


I spent the best time with the squad! I’m really sorry we all live so far away, but we are planning to hold a photoshoot in the future, so maybe you’ll se more about them!
They were all so cute and kind, even if it was my first time meeting most of them (I only knew Rox/Victoria), it seemed to me like we had been friends for a really long time! We were already joking and crying about the LiS finale!

That’s a thing I really enjoy about cosplay, that it brings people together and make me know such gorgous and talented cosplayers!

I’ll close with some pics! One with my bestie, the Queen to my King: ZombRox!
(Pic taken by BudinoTheCat *hugs)



And dulcis in fundo here’s the photo of us all:
I’ll also link you their Instagram and Facebook pages, if I can remember them all >w<

Chloe @ariellekay | Lumos Flies Cosplay – Kay & Lela
Warren @lorenzo_ven | LoreVen
Max @achicoxion | Achico Xion
Nathan @eireenene | Eireenene
Victoria @zombrox | ZombRox
Rachel @adistantdiamondsky
Kate @angycottontail | AngyCottonTail
+ Jefferson


Thanks to Lucia B. for the pic!

And that was it! Hope you like also this kind of reviews (if you can call a review me blabbing about my friends lol)
See ya!



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