[REVIEW] Bodyline-Remilia Scarlet dress.


Yo! It’s Cyclove here!
And I have a great review for you!

At least, I’m really happy to bring this for you!
BODYLINE started a cosplay brand some times ago,
but no one seem to have noticed! ;v;
BUT there’s a SALE on their site right now!
They still have a lot of thing for 10$ or a bit more like this dress I bought!

I browsed a bit while buying this, searching other review or feedbacks for this cosplay…
But no one seem to have ever done one.
And I was REALLY nervous because, you know, stock photos aren’t always right.
But in the end it was so cheap and I couldn’t resist!

Now I don’t really regret my decision because it’s STUNNING.
It was worth double the price I paid, to say the least.
Totaly, the fabric is nice, the ribbon are lovely and it’s the most confortable cosplay I own!


this is a immage of her!
For comparison between the dress and the art.
As you can see, there is no difference from the original to the cosplay!
Only that spiral-thing on the shirt is missing…
It’s not a big deal, I can always do it myself!
The ribbons, the collar anche the hat are totaly the same, no difference.

Itself the character it’s kinda plain but I liked it that way,
I always can boost it up afterwards with other props!

Now, I’ve took some photos myself of the dress.
Shall we take a look at them?


The shirt is my favourite, let’s start with it!


I was shocked by this shirt when I opened this package.
In the stock photo I’ve seen that it had some kind of buttons…
But I wasn’t expecting ROSE BUTTONS!
They are the cutest thing ;v;
Like. Really. It’s almost like glass and they’re SO shiny!
The ribbon on the arm and on the collar are a nice touch and SUPER well made!

Now the skirt.



The skirt is… doing it’s job, lol.
The original design is like that, so it’s great for being really accurate!
I like the ruffle in this, they’re super cute and well made!

Let’s see the hat!


Hats are love, hats are life.
I love them, I kinda only do cosplay with hats…?
(Sophie, Lulu… Now this lol)
So I’m really happy about this one, its simple to wear and big enough for my head + wig!
I love the rose on this ribbon too ;v;


What about the belt and the big ribbon?


Here’s something funny!
At first I was confused about this belt.
It’s not on the character, why do I need this?
But then I had a idea:
Maybe I need this to attach the big ribbon better onto the dress!
And then I felt stupid. Obviusly I needed it, lol.
Now, it actually does the trick pretty well.
The ribbon doesn’t collapse on itself,
and it never fell of too.
It’s cuter to have it onto something red instead of the pink,
it doesn’t felt right without the belt!


Now, have some me derping around with it on lol!


Le lengt is perfect and not to long, like most of the touhou cosplay…
Which is really good for a short person like me!
I didn’t have white socks at home so forgive me! ;v;

I hope to get other cosplay from Bodyline actually,
they have a lot of variety in their site:
Danganrompa, Kuroshitsuji, Lovelive, some Vocaloid… And other Touhou obviusly lol
They’re pretty cheap compared to other cosplay site, but they are totaly worth the price!

I hope to get nice picture with this on, I really do love this dress ;v;
Finger crossed it doesn’t rain like this Novegro!





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