[REVIEW] LoveShoppingHolics – Vassen Diamond 3 Tone Gray


Happy Sunday!
Hope you’re spending it doing great things! I’m currently at Vicomix, a con in Vicenza (North Italy), and this is a programmed post!
Eireenene here, yet again with another review from LoveShoppingHolics!

If you want to read the information about the package & the shipping, please read the first post I’ve made about this order! This is the third pair of lenses from that order, and it’s one of the free ones I’ve received from them! As I wrote in my previous post, there was a promotion and every two lenses bought by you, you’ll receive one for free! I had bought and already reviewed:

And it’s now time for another Vassen! I’m really in love with this brand, the design they use is gorgeous and I’m really happy that one of the freebies I received is a Vassen too!




stock photo

It’s time for Vassen Diamond 3 Tone Gray ! Just look at the awesome, gorgeous, stunning design of these lenses! It takes my breath away! They have a lot of different gray and black triangles, but also some gold-hazel dots and all into one lens! Too beautiful to be described with words, I’m really thankful I received this lenses as they were randomly selected!

Here are its characteristics:
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal


Let’s try them!


I have to say I expected them to be a bit more powerful into my eye, and let some grayish colour be visible, but instead they enlarge of a good 2 mm, and the enlarged-part and some of the iris seems to.. to sparkle! Isn’t it beautiful?
(ノ ヮ )ノ*:・゚

In the one out/one in comparison you can really tell the purpose of this lenses, it seems like I’ve got magic in my eye!

senza titolo-0093

I was just messing around with one of my longest wig! This blondie should become a Zelda wig once I have the time and the money to make that dream cosplay of mine! The shirt I’m wearing is from H&M, I love that they’re adding more and more clothes with drawed-fabric, I also own some cats, this chameleons and a mountains one! Good job H&M!

Sorry for my eyebrows, they were drawed in a rush for a costest I plan to do for a very long time! I completed a heart with one good friend of mine, but guess what? You’ll se what character and the kokoro in the next review!

senza titolo-0108

While my butterfly pin is an accessory that belonged to my mother! Is really cheapy and simple but she gave it to me when I was little, so it makes me think of good time when I could watch cartoons all day and nap- which is exactly what I did today (lol) Happy Sunday everyone!


That was it! Even if the color of this lenses isn’t the best, they gave me the most stunning sparkly-eyes ever! I feel like I’m in a shojo manga!

I’ll go back to reading Haikyuu!!


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