[REVIEW] LoveShoppingHolics – GEO SF-34 Blue w/Black Outline


Hi babies!
I’m here with another review from LoveShoppingHolics !
You can find all the infos about the shipping and the package on my first review for them, and you can read it here!

This review will be really quick because I’m planning so many others and I have so many photos to edit and homework to do and stuff to make happen ! It’s really a busy time for me!

I’ve bought these lenses precisely for this cosplay! And so with the review I took the chance and costested Yato from Noragami! Everyone’s favourite God of Calamity!


GEO SF-34 Blue w/Black Outline


stock photo

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal


These lenses have no prescription power and cannot have power prescription at all! They come all in 0.00 because they’re not circle lenses, and so they cover better the human eye but they can’t be any more thick, so no prescription indeed!


I putted them in the yellow case because LoveShoppingHolics didn’t send me a blue one! The cases they send are completely random, so don’t expect them to fit the colors of your lenses or the shapes to be something you wanted or something like that.


Here’s what they look once on! Sorry for my terrible eyebags, but as I already said, it’s a really busy time for me and guess what? I stayed up all night to watch the Oscars (that in my time-zones aired from 22pm to 6am) and then I went to school in pajama because I was SO tired!!! lol


senza titolo-0036

I really have to style better the wig >u< I tried to make two spikes on the front but they won’t stay still! I must update myself on this side of cosplay, wigs are my weak point!

So. This lenses are the best if you’re trying Yato, or a White Walker from GoT, but definitely not for a everyday life! These are meant for a theatrical, cosplay purpose, so use them with care!

As I already said, they might be a bit thicker than a circle lenses, but that’s because they cover entirely your eye and its real color. They do not enlarge nor melt with the sclera or something like that.

I think they are great, and can be used for some really awesome looks! They can go from scary to cute, it all depends on what you’ll match with them!

senza titolo-0045

Your wish has been heard loud and clear! 8)



My friend ZombRox was so cute she completed the heart with me! I can’t wait to cosplay Noragami with her, I chose Yato because I knew she had done Hiyori and she is so beautiful! The perspective here is a bit tricky, makes her have yaoi hands (lol) but when we’ll cosplay them it’ll seem a lot nicer I swear 8)

And some selfies in the end because why not? You can see more of my Yato costest, or of my cosplay in general on my accounts: @eireenene on Instagram and Eireenene on Facebook.


That was it for today!
Hope you enjoyed c:



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