[REVIEW] Sophie Hatter Cosplay.

Hey everyone!
It’s Cyclove.
As you’ve seen from Eireenene Novegro post we were Sophie and Howl on Saturday!
I had much fun, but sadly no nice photo for us,
next time we will surely have more that some selfie ;v;


Look at my lovely bae being a dork before the con btw ♥

Since I’m so happy about the dress I decided to do a review for you,
in case you were curious about it!

flat,800x800,070,f.u1Yay a stock picture!

Here‘s the shop where I get it from taobao!
I only got the main dress, I made my apron myself from one I had at home.
This taobao shop have many other cosplay which,
if they’re made AS BEAUTIFUL AS MINE,
they’re worth the price!

I’m kinda sorry about the lack of “nice” photos but,
I was at my boyfriend place and didn’t have the camera…
Only phone photo sadly!

But, here they are anyway.


The front.


What to say?
I love the button in this dress and the collar so much!
Also is really confy to wear and… Though it IS A BIT LONG for me I don’t feel short at all.
Strangely enought at first I tought to shorten it, but then I love this the way it is.
It’s really into Sophie style to have it more long than usual
since she doesn’t pay so much attention at her appearance.
The hand cuffs on the sleeves are so lovely, the right measurment for my wrist too!


And the back.


The back is closed with a normal zip and…
I can’t really close it alone.
I need everytime somene to zip it all the way up for me, sadly.
But it’s really well made all in all.


Some photos of me wearing it!


It’s soooo confy and warm. Perfect for winter con!
Many times I tought of wearing it outside, especially now that it’s so cold outside, lol.
Maybe one day I will use it, because this shade of blue is lovely too!


Have some photo of me and bae because I love her!!

PH @OldPenHolder.

 I do really want to shoot photo of this soon, sadly winter is comming to an end
and if I use this now I will probably be too hot and sweaty…
Maybe we will try to do something at Rimini?
Really fast and then change right after the photo, just to not die…


Either way Sophie is probably my fave cosplay right now!
Recently I noticed that most of the character I would love to do won’t look so good on me:
my face is not round and childlike anymore.
But! I feel more confortable in young adult… I’m so plain lol!
And Sophie is exactly what I feel I can do right and I feel cute in it.


Not everything we want to do we can do it right.
I feel it’s better to be a little bit more councious
to not feel bad right after because I’m satisfied at all…
At least, that’s my personal opinion!

See you next time!


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