[REVIEW] ScleraXL – Black Sclera Contacts

Hello my darlings! How are you doing? I’ve been feeling really well lately, enjoying the little things of my life and trying to stay positive no matter what!


The review I’ll be doing today is for ScleraXL.com!

I’ll review their best seller item: Black Sclera Contacts!

I’ve looked at this kind of lenses for years! I already own a pair of lenses that I’ve used for my Tokyo Ghoul cosplay, so I know the pros and cons about wearing one, and I hope this review will help everyone too!

The description on ScleraXL says:
Black sclera contacts are our most popular sclera lenses and for good reason. They are by far the spookiest lenses you can get. No other lenses come even close to the looks you can create with these all black contacts.
These contacts will make your eyes look solid black by covering the white of your eyes.


stock photo

Here are some useful info that can be found on their page:

  • 22mm diameter
  • 11mm base curve (one-size-fits-all)
  • Materials: 45% water, 55% terpolymer in sterile saline solution
  • No prescription is required as they are one-size-fits-all and have zero power (plano)
  • Lasts for a year with proper care and occasional use
  • Unopened the lenses can be kept for up to 4 years
  • ISO 9001 quality
  • CE certified
  • Made in South Korea

Sclera lenses are really great for any kind of look that want to be noticeable!
Let’s see what I got!


The package was firmly wrapped in ducktape with “fragile” written on it, so no-one will bend the package and they’ll handle it with care!
On the inside, there was the lens-case, the two vials in a cute purple box and some bubble-wrap to keep everything even safer!


The purple box had every information written on it, from the ingredients of the lenses to the diameter and if you want to know even more, on the inside, with the two vials, there were instructions on how to apply the contact lens and how to take care of it!

ScleraXL provided all the tracking information for me, but there was no time for me to check the shipping page, the package arrived in 8 days! Insanely fast!


Here are the scleras as they look outside the vials! I put near them my Akara Violet to compare the size! They really are bigger than any circle lens!



Once tried on, they really makes a powerful impact! Gorgeous for a scary look, but also for some out-of-the-ordinary ootd or just to have fun with friends!

This close to the lens you can see my natural eye, but just under artificial lights. From the distance and in natural light, your real eye will be almost invisible, just as your sclera (the white part of the human eye!)

senza titolo-0170

I tried a makeup I adore, it something mermaid-ish, or snake-ish, and I thinks it totally suits these lenses! They were made for such awesome looks with the intent to make the audience go “wwwooooh!”

senza titolo-0172

Since your pupil is black, it blends seamlessly into the black which covers the rest of the lens. The resulting look is totally uniform. You appear not to have whites, irises, or pupils at all. Instead your eyes are completely featureless, devoid of humanity or familiarity. Sclera contacts add a touch of fright to any costume because they take something familiar and they make it strange. In full costume, this adds realism. In a less elaborate costume (or no costume), it creates an uncanny look which can make anyone uncomfortable. This is why low-budget films and TV shows often use sclera lenses to depict inhumanity, even if they cannot put actors into elaborate costumes. 

senza titolo-0180

I took these side photos to let you know that sclera will not cover entirely your eye, as naturally they’ll move with your pupil, so if you’re looking on a side, some of your white sclera will be visible, but it’s not a problem at all! It’s easily retouchable with any photo-editing program, and it won’t usually be a problem while wearing them, because if you’re wearing sclera, there’s a 99% percentage you’ll be facing the camera, as most of the photographers want to catch fully the effect they make!

senza titolo-0191

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. If so, when you wear black sclera contacts, the windows to your soul will be empty. These full black cosmetic contacts are the most popular sclera lenses. Their design is very simple, but the effect is startling. These lenses have been used in numerous films and television shows, anytime a costume designer is looking for a way to convey the unnatural or the horrific.

senza titolo-0195

Here are some of my advice -as regards sclera lenses- for you!

  • Don’t wear them for more than 4 hours the first time. Then you can extend it to 6 hours, but if your eyes starts to cry or tickle, remove them immediately! Safety first!
  • Always wash them with saline solution before and after the application!
  • If you put them in your eye, blink a few times and they pop out, there’s a 110% chance you’ve putted them on the wrong side! Turn them upside-down and retry, it should be easier!
  • It doesn’t hurt. You might feel a strange feeling or a tickle when you put them on, but they will be stable in a few minutes, and then it’ll be confortable as any circle lenses!
  • Never, and I mean never do crazy-stuff while wearing them. This includes driving, cooking, bathing, swimming and stuff like that! They are not made to be worn in such occasions.
  • You might experience mild tunnel-vision. It’s rare but can happen. You can still wear them, but you’ll need to pay more attention.
  • Always be careful. Always try them at home before going to the con/photoshoot/event. Always take your time to let the eye feel good.

senza titolo-0198

If you’re interested in buying a pair of scleras, I advise you to read ScleraXL’s FAQ page! It’s really useful and well-written, and you can always contact them to ask any question you’re wondering! They are so kind and ready to asnwer, they really care about every customer and will make you feel at ease and happy!

senza titolo-0176


I advice you ScleraXL completely! They offer free shipping worldwide with tracking provided and they use only CE certified and FDA approved materials and they have the most affordable scleras I’ve ever saw! Prices start at just $79 for a pair!!

I thinks it really great that they sells only sclera, because that means they really care about this kind of lenses, which should be taken in great consideration as it’s really big and beautiful!
 This focus allows us to provide you with a large selection of high quality fashion sclera lenses at great prices.
Because of this focus we also know everything there is to know about sclera lenses. Other merchants will often just ignore your questions when your order has been delivered, but you can always contact us with questions about your lenses.
Isnt’ that awesome?

View all their sclera lenses here!


Hope you enjoyed! Thank you so much to ScleraXL for collaborating with me c:


5 thoughts on “[REVIEW] ScleraXL – Black Sclera Contacts

    • eireenene says:

      They are totally safe if you wear them once a week! A thing I can advise is try not to look at direct light while wearing them, since your sight can go out-of-focus, even if it’ll be just for a while! I’ve worked in a haunted house too, and they’re not a problem at all, au contraire, they’re always much apppreciated by the customers!


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