[REVIEW] Afy – Natural Aloe Gel

P1090355   P1090356






Quickest review ever! I bought Afy Natural Aloe Gel from everyone’s favourite place: AliExpress!

I usually use AliExpress for acessories or cosplay stuff, but I’ve always saw these beauty-creams and stuff and they were always so cheap I decided to try one!

I chose this because it has so many positive feedbacks from everywhere all over the world, everyone was so satisfied, and I just decided to do it.

As most of AliExpress items, it came in a bit less than a month, packed firmly and safe into a little box. It’s 100% aloe, so it’s natural and it won’t have any allergic reactions or anything.

In fact, aloe is magic, it can be use for almost everything! Against acne, against mosquito bites, helps oily skin and also moisturize the dry one! It seems divine lol

I do not suffer from acne, but I had some pimples, and they all were gone after a few days of application!
The cream is a bit sticky (like the plant of aloe) but once laid on the skin it’ll absorb completely, not like some other creams that leave the face all oily.

It can also be used as make-up base or to relieve the redness.

It’s really good, I will definitely buy some others Afy products asap, and review them for you! And it’s soooo cheap! Try it and tell me what do you think!




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