[CON] Vicomix – 27/28 February 2016


As I promised to myself while writing the Winter Novegro review, and assured to you in my Vassen Red review, here’s another con review! I saw you liked my last one a lot, so since I have the time I’ll write another!

I went to Vicomix in Vicenza (Northern Italy) on the 27 and 28 of February 2016. It was the second edition ever, but since the first (which I’ve been to last year), they have really improved a lot!


I went both Saturday & Sunday, and I cosplayed Alice Hysteria and fem!Howl Jenkins Pendragon, the first from Alice: Madness Returns and the second from Howl’s Moving Castle.


1602_Vicomix_Cosplay_1587  1602_Vicomix_Cosplay_1580

I already wore my Alice Hysteria at Lucca Comics & Games 2015, and you might have read my tutorial on how to make the Vorpal Blade, that had some photos from the con attached!

Since it’s really a tough character to cosplay, both for makeup (it takes me almost 1 hour/1 hour and a half) and for poses (she’s so cool!) I had decided to bring it this last time before moving on to greater plans (and dreaming about the Royal Suit from A:MR! but just dreaming for now.)!

So, I went to school in the morning, and I left in a rush because the competion closed early! I arrived in time, signed up and went straight to the bathroom for the makeup! I really met the strangest people in that bathroom, but yeah, I make it in time and…. I won!

Here you can see some better details of my makeup, it took me ages to put the aquacolor on because my skin and the water weren’t cooping and I was really going mad. Definitely me going mad helped me with the competition! I performed and won as Best Female Cosplayer, and I’m so grateful and happy for this ;v;

I got to meet a lot of awesome people on and off the stage, and it really was an awesome day! It finished so fast! Arriving at a con in the afternoon is really tiring, I’m so not used to it (lol)


The lenses used for this cosplay are the Vassen Red from my latest review!

On saturday there was Thymeka and I managed to see a few songs performed by her! I’ve been a fan of her since mid school I believe? Anyway, she’s a bit shorter than I expected, but I imagined her just like she was c:


Pics taken by:
ByZa – Fotografie
Irish Gerry Photography
Giancarlo Bigolin



As I said, I wore fem!Howl, which I decided just the week before with my friend Cecilia as male!Sophie. We took a bit of inspiration by the fanart made from SakimiChan .

I finally met again my friend (& photographer) BudinoTheCat! (Golf!)
The family was reunited again yay!

He took photos of us but he didn’t edited them yet, but keep an eye on his facebook page and maybe he’ll publish them someday (lol)

They are my fictional family lolz. I think it’s from San Donà Comics we start to calling each other like that? Maybe even before! But yeah, me and Golf are the awesome (an example, really!) parents and Chii is our beautiful and talented daughter lolz

The “V” with the fingers – the victory/peace sign, I don’t know how to call it- is our family thing(??) Golf is so embarassed to do it so it’s mostly me and Chii forcing him to be a good example for the babyChii. *hugs


be5aaca3-aa83-4ef1-84c5-b081d517c0a7    ccbf02df-be70-48a9-8b73-826d494ec497

Most important! I went there with my awesome squad from my city! For real, they let me drive to the con and weren’t scared at all (lol) They were so brave!
I’m joking, they even said I’m a good driver – hehe.

Here we are editing Purikuras and selfie-ing with a bunch of Deadpools!
Deadpool is the b e s t !

We saw a bit of Giorgio Vanni concert together! Yeah, you heard just right, Giorgio Vanni was at the con! He’s my childhood, we sang so loud I can still feel it in my ears!

Thanks to BHC for creating such awesome events! This details are what makes you the best!


Yeah, you understood well: this Vicomix had Purikura in it! *love
I love taking this photos so much, it’s just so fun to be in there with your friends and yelling and laughing while trying to enter the camera spot hahaha


Here are some photos that photographers already posted !

1602_Vicomix_Cosplay_1709  1602_Vicomix_Cosplay_1703


My bae (and fictional daughter) bought Pocky because they’re so good to eat and to makes photo with! Don’t everybunny loves them? I know also a lot of people that enjoy the trange tastes, like strawberry or green tea, but in this case I’ll go classic: chocolates one are the best, but panda are even better! Such a shame the panda ones cost more and you’ll find them only sometimes QwQ


The lenses in this one are the Vassen Blue I reviewed a while ago!

Pics taken by:
ByZa – Fotografie
Cherries & Bubbles Photography
Irish Gerry Photography

And that was the end of it!


Hope you enjoy me blattering about my experience at cons!
Me and Ireth are starting to think about vlogging at conventions, but it’s still a might and maybe and if! We’ll see in the future 8)



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