[REVIEW] Klenspop – I fax Y33 Gray

Hi sunshines!
It’s been a very busy week for me and I’m glad it ended so well, with me being in Milan for uni and then in Venice for a con!


This review is for Klenspop, a site that I personally love and enjoy, it sells the most gorgeous circle lenses at the best prices, and it started selling also make-up and sunglasses! I can’t wait to see the future of this site, it’s nearly a year I review with and for them!

This time the review is for  I fax Y33 Gray which are a simple pair -I thought at first- but once tried on I was wordless, they really enlight your eye and makes a make-up special and remarkable!


The shipping was fast as always, and the box came safely to my place in a bit more than two weeks. On the inside, the lens care instruction leaflet and the little package which was wrapped in bubblewrap and for the third time (after Magic Eye Easel and Ellen Panda Blue) the box design was so awesome I kept it and sticked it to my wall! I might say I’m starting out a collection :’D

Into the beautiful pack there were the two vials, the contact case and a plastic tweezer. I might have said it in other reviews, but the plastic tweezer has become my best-friend, I cannot use lenses without it, it makes me feel so safe and so clean c:


stock photo

Let’s try them on!


I adore how the black spirals blend with my eye but the gray color is still visible and stunning!

Note: the eye on your right has the lens worn upside down (you can clearly see that in the natural light photo, and I didn’t notice because I’m silly and they were so confortable I didn’t even payed attention to that! and also because..)

..My Kageyama Tobio uniform arrived the exact same day of these lenses(!!!I was so excited), and since Kags have grey/blue eyes depending on the screenshot, I saw this post-coincidence as fate and I decided to make this costest!


I love Haikyuu!! so much, in the past year(s) it had a big impact in my life, helped me when I was feeling down and bitter, and made me rise again! I owe this story a lot, it’s not your usual spokon, it really makes you fell in love with every character and hope the best for them! I advise it to everyone who needs some child and cinnamon rolls to protect!



I recently watched the Haikyuu stage play and I’m still drowning in feels for the amazing performance of the actors, the directors and the special effects team! Such splendid 2 hours that took my breath away and made me cry (three times!!)


I also own a lot of Haikyuu! merchandise since I started loving it more and more! Here you can see the plushie from Mibu Store (read my review about them!) and the Kageyama’s Nendoroid: #489!


That was it for today! Hope you enjoyed this review and me blabbing about my precious Haikyuu!


See ya~


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