[CON] Venezia Comics – 20 March 2016

Hello darlings!

This is gonna be a really fun (and long) post, because it’ll be written four-handed! This means both Eireenene and Ireth will write something on this con, and it’ll be stated who of them is talking!

Eireenene: Hello there/ I went to Venezia Comics on Sunday, and I wore Blake Belladonna from RWBY ☼ I made the whole costume the few days before the con, it was a run and I don’t advise it to anyone: take your time before a con, be prepared! But I’ve been really busy, so I managed to pull the cosplay together only for the sake of my RWBY cosplay group! You can see more photos of that on my Instagram c:

Ireth: Yahoo! As Eireenene I went to the con only on Sunday. I wore Yayoi Kunizuka from Psycho – Pass because a friend of mine asked me to bring her to do a little group! It was actually really simple to put on the costume since there were all clothing that I use normally – I think that this could be defined as a closet cosplay (?).

Eireenene: I arrived first, entered the con after a little (like 5 mins) queue and went to the female changing room, that were already full even if it was really early! Like, I arrived at 10 which was the opening time, how did the cosplayer arrived there? We will never know

So I got in my cosplay, and luckily I had already made my makeup at home, because there was only one mirror and there were always 2-3 people in front of it. I met Ireth just out of the changing room, and we went together to my favourite place in every convention ever: the self-area!

It’s a place where artists makes a stand with their own stuff, from prints to stickers, from posters to pins and a lot more! They can even draw something just for you while you’re wandering around, and you can stop and take it before leaving the con!

Ireth: I arrived around 10:30 am and, unfortunately, there was such a long queue. Very long; I’ve managed to get the tickets and entered the con around 11:00 am. So much time.
Anyway, I met Eireenene and we went to the self area to spend all our money and became poor again!
I’ve bought the Bubbline stamp from Laura Guglielmo Illustrator and when she knew that I wanted so bad her Gerart draw but I couldn’t afford it she gave me a The Witcher themed sticker: how sweet!
Also, Eireenene gave me the Daisuga stamp made by RosenLight.
I’m in love.
*fangirl scream here*
(can’t wait to shot something with this ship)
The other thing that I’ve purchased was the stamp with Mr Darcy and Elizabeth made by Alice Berti! Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book so it was a moral obligation to take it!

Eireenene: I brought with me my NuName #3 because I knew my dear friend and awesome artist Alice Berti was gonna be at the con with the NuName group!


Eireenene: I bought some stickers from Laura Guglielmo (precisely, “Pizza is forever”, “nice booties”, “bb-8” and “Zuko” and she was so nice to me she even gave me the “Appa” one! I fell in love with her style and kindness, she deserve all of the compliments and damn those booties! (lol)
Then I was gifted the Oikawa sticker from Rosenlight, she’s in HQ hell just like me and we became friends with each other on the spot, she ships all of my otps and her Inktober deserves all the likes!
Last but not least, the printed paper of Mettaton EX by Ruru, whish I just had to buy! She was also selling Undyne, but my bae stole my heart! She wrote on the background the famous quote: “Who needs arms with legs like these?” and I’m hella happy she was so nice and I hope to meet her again!


Ireth: When I’ve first saw what this guy did I could just say : WOW. Those draws where amazing! I’ve bought a poster and he gives me also a postcard and a bookmark: so nice! He’s lukvan with his little son Daniel (he was just 4 y/o)! Anyway I’m now looking for a proper frame to hang his poster on the wall! You can find his work on his website!


Ireth: I’ve also had the chance to met Emanuele Tenderini! His one of the author of Lùmina: if don’t know what it is, go and look some of the illustration you can find online, they are indescribable! We talked a lot about the comic and he was so cute when I said that I love his work! Also, since he told me that I look like Shani ( one of Lùmina main character), I’m going to work on her costume soon!
If you are interested to know more about this project I’ll make a post on the blog about it! If you are already familiar with it and you want to make the next volume real support the project here!


Me and Emanuele Tenderini! Please, don’t mind my face  >w<



Ireth: This year at the con there was a new entry: the YouTube corner and the gaming area! This part of the con was constantly crowded, even more than the other ones!
There were a lot of pc ready to be used to play LoL, HeartStone, Counter Strike and other online games. There also were some WiiU to try and a entirely msi stand with a lot of computer cases that have maid my heart beat faster.
It was almost impossible to come closer to the Youtubers area because of the fans who wanted to spoke with them: I’ve just taken a quick snap of Sabaku a quite popular youtuber here in italy, he does a lot of gameplay and they are very interesting!

Ireth: For what concern  the expositor area there weren’t a lot of stands, maybe because there was another convention in a near city. In return there were a lot of interesting guests and super amazing artist that the lack of stands doesn’t count that much.
I really liked this convention! I’ve met a lot of funny people and I’ve saw a lot of friends!

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