[REVIEW] LoveShoppingHolics – Geo Nudy Blue

Hello darlings,
here’s another review for LoveShoppingHolics ! It’s the last one for them I will do for a while! (at least while these lenses don’t expire, or until I need new ones to buy)
If you want to know about the package and the shipping, read my first post here!

This is gonna be the quickest lens review ever, because I didn’t have a style/makeup for them, I just tried them on and will let you know how they look!

The lenses are Geo Nudy Blue !


stock photo

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal


This are the lenses once taken out of the vials and into the contact case (that LoveShoppingHolics didn’t provide me in this case, they gave me four contact lenses out of six lenses)

And this is what they look once tried on! I was wearing my Kageyama Tobio makeup! Will you be interested in make-up video? I don’t know if I should start a YouTube channel, I’m really lazy and busy and when it comes to writing post is really fun for me and it relaxes me, but I don’t know if videos would be the same? What to you think?


I have brown eyes, and this lenses doesn’t cover that really much, but they blend a little the color, making them perfect for an every-day situation! Since they come with lots of prescriptions, they’ll be perfect for every event with a natural and simple makeup, and maybe a light blue accessorize to catch up the color!

And that was it! Really fast, wasn’t it? Hope you liked it anyway!



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