[REVIEW] – Awen NG Store (Tictail)

Hello birbs!
(My obsession with Haikyuu gets deeper every second and this post is yet another proof of it)

I ordered some Haikyuu Keychains from Awen NG! An adorable shop from Singapore c:


Here’s the package! It took a week for my order to be accepted, and when I received the shipping advise, it came in a month!  That’s because the items are in preorder mode, and Singapore is hella far, so if you’re buying them for a present, purchase them with a long time ahead!

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[REVIEW] StorEnvy – Mibu Store

Hello cuties!

Sorry for my long absence, I’ve been really busy with school, and next week will be hella crazier too! Also, my router broke and I had to use every wifi and tethering datas I could to update my social pages, but the WordPress App is a mess and I had to delay a lot of posts! So I didn’t have the time to review a lot, but I was waiting for this one a long time!


It’s a review for MibuStore! I won a giveaway (my first ever!) from their Facebook page, and they post a lots of giveaways, so you should Like it and keep in touch with it! The one I won was Haikyuu themed (as you know from some of my latest post, my current biggest obsession) and the one of this month is Life is Strange themed! Hella cool, right?

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