[REVIEW] StorEnvy – Mibu Store

Hello cuties!

Sorry for my long absence, I’ve been really busy with school, and next week will be hella crazier too! Also, my router broke and I had to use every wifi and tethering datas I could to update my social pages, but the WordPress App is a mess and I had to delay a lot of posts! So I didn’t have the time to review a lot, but I was waiting for this one a long time!


It’s a review for MibuStore! I won a giveaway (my first ever!) from their Facebook page, and they post a lots of giveaways, so you should Like it and keep in touch with it! The one I won was Haikyuu themed (as you know from some of my latest post, my current biggest obsession) and the one of this month is Life is Strange themed! Hella cool, right?

These are some photos from their stands at cons! I fell in love with this shop because they sells t-shirts, plushie, pins, stickers, and a lot more, but the best thing is that they use so many fandoms! Literally, from TVSeries, Comics, Anime-Manga, Videogames, and so on! Can you spot all the characters?


I decided to have Tobio Kageyama in his Royal cape and crown, my favourite design of the series with my favourite character! It came in a package in nearly two weeks, and inside there was MibuStore businesscard, a leaflet with a promo code to use on their StorEnvy and the plushie! (Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the package because my memory decided not to work ;v;)

MibuStore has been extremely kind with me, they asked for my address as soon as the giveaway results came out, and told me when they shipped and also gave me a tracking number! So grateful!


Here’s what the plushie looked like once out of the package! It’s already filled, and it’s great because when you buy plushies/pillows from the internet, it happens a lot that they’ll arrive without anything inside, and just the cover!


The thing I love the most is that every character they design is so detailed and so beautifully! Like, it’s easy to draw a Kageyama, black hair, the uniform, and you could be done, but they looked for the particulars: the kneepads, the expression, the crown and the collar of the cape are exactly what they are on the manga! And look at things like the “ics” simbol: that’s exactly what it should be!
So many attention to detail is really outstanding, and I’m grateful that shops so hardworking and that really cares for their products still exist!


Here’s the back of the plushie! It’s the black cloth, so it isn’t printed on the back! Make sure you know this because a lot of plushies has both sides printed! I actually like it best when is just one side: it’s cheaper but it makes it more “realistic”? I think as the plushie as it has a right side and I like that lol

The side has a strange thread coming out, which has no express meaning…  Maybe it’s for attaching the plushie to the wall? I just can’t understand it, but since it’s on the back of Kags, who cares, really? c:

Edit: MibuStore: “About the “strange thread” haha, we always add this thread because sometimes pleople like to hang them on the wall. We also hang them on the wall when we sell them on the booth in cons. ” Just like I supposed lol! They answered me again so kindly and fastly! Such an awesome service !!


And lastly, this is how it’s closed! On the bottom part the cloth is thightly sew, and I can assure you this is a really safe and comfortable closing! Nothing of the inside will ever escape !


On the end, here’s a pic I took while wearing my Kageyama Cosplay! Do we look alike? (lol)



Hope you enjoyed! Thank you so much to Mibu Store for giving these awesome giveaways and letting me the chance of winning one! Really, thanks!!!


3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] StorEnvy – Mibu Store

  1. Zoe L says:

    Great review! I just bought a Yuri on ice pouch of Minami and it’s great quality! But there appears to be some sort of stuffing leaking out of the cloth, not that it matters to much. Overall it’s really cute and I’m glad I purchased it.


    • eireenene says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the Store! Since I’ve talked with them quite a few times, I know the staff is really kind and ready to help! If you have any problem with your pouch (now, or in the future) just let them know, I’m sure they will do all they can to help you! Thank you for reading my review, have a good day!


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