[TUTORIAL] DIY King Crown – Kageyama Tobio / Oikawa Tooru Haikyuu!!

Hi cuties ♪

It’s been a while since my last tutorial, isn’t it? Here I am with a spoiled beautiful king, Kageyama from Haikyuu! I also have to do the cape, but I haven’t bought the velvet yet ;v;

This is an easy and quick tutorial for y’all, since I couldn’t find nice ones on the internet I decided to make my own!

All you need is:

  • foam (1-2 mm)
  • a piece of fabric of the color you’ll like the crown (red for Kageyama!)
  • acrylic paint (gold and transparent lucid for Kags!)
  • hot glue + hot glue gun
  • oil (a trick for the gems hehe)
  • some nice pictures to refer to or an actual crown from an action figure or something

As reference I used my Kageyama Tobio’s Nendoroid! The crown was one of the objects that came with it, but you can also use this, this or this as reference pics!

I decided to make mine small like it was on my Nendoroid, because I like it a lot that way and also because I’m cosplaying as adult!Kageyama, and I’ve wondered that if he has grown up, his crown should still be small as it was in Kitaichi! But this tutorial will work also if you’re planning the bigger one (which I want to do in the future, maybe I’ll update this tutorial!)


Here’s my reference! You can use it too! It’s the easier one since it’s only gold, with a fe details and that’s it!

image    20160329_105530.jpg

I did a pattern of how I wanted my crown to look like with just normal paper! I figured out how large I wanted my strips and how many of them do i needed, and then i cutted them on the foam!


I glued everything together as I planned with the paper! The glue I used is the best for plastic materials, but hot glue or attack will do just fine! Please remind: other glue will work just because this isn’t a prop that is going to be touched, smashed, or anything like that, is just a decoration so it doesn’t need the strongest glue!

The cicle as base can be used to attach the two stripes on the inside, but this will make yout crown smaller, so if you’re planning on attacking them like that, cut them a bit longer!


Cut out two circles with foam!  I made mine 3 cm wide but yet again, this depend on the size of the crown you’re going to make! If you’re not sure, don’t waste foam: try to do them in paper and see if they fit on your paper crown!

(After I did my crown I’ve noticed you can also do just one circle! Also, this shape can change, can be a flower or a square or anything, and it can also be thicker! For that, just layer some circles or use a 3mm-5mm foam!)


Attach it to the center of the two lines!

If you did two, one goes on the top and one on the bottom of the stripes, and they will hold them together firmly, but I believe one will work too if it’s wide enough.


This part is what really makes the crown! Put glue on all the sides of the circle, where it touches the stripes, and then press it gently with your fingers. Hold it until it’s firm and solid!


This is what the crown look like! If you want an easy, undecorated crown, just go to the last steps: coloring and adding the cloth! Otherwise, keep reading for some ideas of decorating!


First one I made are this stripes with a zig-zag shape. I attached them all around the base of the crown.


Then I made some gems out of hot glue! This were easier than expected, the biggest one gave me some troubles, but it ended out nicely! As you can see, it’s just hot glue shaped like a gem, and since I will be covering it with acrilic paint, I didn’t needed any reflection, glitter or anything like that!

If you can’t do these, purchase some fake gems in a shop, or made your own with paper and glitter! There are so many ways of making a crown shining!


I attached them onto the crown, and I added a little cross at the top! It’s made of foam too!

To attach the glue to the foam, you must use hot glue, any other kind of glue will be slippery and it’ll be hard to fix everything, most definitely you’ll leave some traces of glue on the foam.


Lastly, I made some small three-leaf decorations and…


…attached them! And added some small gems here too, it made the crown more convincing lol


I painted everything with gold acrylic spray paint, I did two or three layers. Pay attention and spray it from different directions, otherwise some spot will be left unpainted!

Be safe! Don’t inhale the spray!
Be cautious! Don’t spray all over your home, use some newspaper!


Now you need a piece of fabric! Here too, Kageyama’s is red, but if you’re doing the crown for Oikawa it’ll be blue, or if it’s any other character, you can choose the color you want!


Attach first the center of the cloth to the upper part of the crown, then every stripe to a different piece. If you have fabric sticking out, cut it and then glue the end of it to the base of the crown!


Here’s what it look once finished! (Sorry for the makeup, it’s my everyday one, I was just trying out the crown!)


And here is how it looked on me when I did the #DragonAu Haikyuu challenge!

Hope you liked this tutorial! Tell me if you have any question, you can comment here or message me on Facebook or Instagram! It’s also the place where I post most of my photos, so if you’d like to see more of my Kageyama’s, find me there! I’m @eireenene on both!

See ya!




6 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] DIY King Crown – Kageyama Tobio / Oikawa Tooru Haikyuu!!

    • eireenene says:

      for the small ones, I just melted the glue and let it drip on a plastic surface. When it become solid, it takes the shape of a little gem! With big ones this method is impossible to use because they won’t become gems but more something like a pizza-base: a flat circle. A lake. So for the biggest (the one on top of the crown) I used a bottle cap whose inside were curve. Firstly, i putted oil in it, on all the surface, then i melted the glue inside. The oil helped while taking the glue out, but it was still a pain, so I’m looking for a better method to make the big gems! That is also why I haven’t added this part into the tutorial: since myself haven’t found it simple to do, neither to explain (the fact that it requires a bottle cap with a certain shape is also a mess), I decided not to write it! Hope you understand, otherwise feel free to ask me anything!


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