[REVIEW] Pocky Panda

Hello darlings c:

Today I’m here with a quick review! I went to London this February, and there I visited Japan Centre! 


Established in 1976, the Japan Centre Food Hall is a well-loved institution situated in Central London with an outpost in Westfield Stratford City. Whilst there have been several manifestations over the years, Japan Centre Food Hall has always been passionate about delivering a rich variety of quality Japanese goods to shoppers in the UK and beyond. Today, Japan Centre Food Hall incorporates: a supermarket bursting with authentic Japanese food & drink, a bookstore offering up to date manga, magazines and gifts, the umai deli which serves quality Japanese sushi and hot souzai food made fresh every day, a fishmonger and butcher counter presided over by trained experts slicing fresh cuts the traditional Japanese way, a bakery which produces hand-made and hard to find Japanese baked breads & desserts and a homeware department stocked full of authentic Japanese supplies.
Japan Centre Online
In 2005 Japan Centre Online was launched to bring the store experience to those living outside London and the UK. Offering the best value, best variety and best service for shoppers of Japanese goods online has always been at the very heart of our business. Our new-look website was recently launched to make the shopping experience even more straightforward, fast and enjoyable. We’re proud to offer at least 30 new items every week straight from Japan and we’ve increased our existing stock so you can always get hold of the items you love. We’re genuinely passionate about Japanese cuisine and have devised hundreds of Japanese recipes for you to try, which you can now print off, share on social media or add in one go to your basket at the click of a button. We also regularly post about a huge array of Japan related subjects on our blog and social media pages, keeping you in the know.
Together, Japan Centre Food Hall and Japan Centre Online have big plans for the future. At a time where interest in Japanese food and culture is growing exponentially, we’re trusted, experienced, knowledgeable about our goods and passionate about what we do.


It might be my favourite new place (lol)

Anyway, I bought melon pan and pocky panda! I’ve been wondering for all my years as japan-culture appasionate what the two of them tasted, and finally I had the occasion to taste them!
Melon pan is like sweet bread, actually it’s really similar to a kind of brand here in Italy called “pane al latte“(literal translation: milk bread) which is incredible lol it’s a bit crunchy on the outside and then soft on the inside, and I surely understand why so many japanese rush to get one: it tastes really good!

 But I’m here to talk to you about Pocky Panda! Pocky (by Glico) is the most popular and famous Japanese sweet snack, and for a reason! My biggest dream (and my current biggest obsession!!) They are the best. I’ve tried lots of Pocky: the classic chocolate ones, the strawberry ones and even the green tea ones! Even though i enjoy them all, I can’t really say I’d choose them over other Japanese snacks. And yet there I was, buying Pocky Panda. But I was not disappointed at all!

 This limited edition Panda Pocky includes crunchy chocolate cookie sticks covered in delicious cream coating and small cookie pieces. The end of the sticks have been left uncoated so you will not get your fingers sticky while eating them. The name “Pocky” is derived from the sound that this crispy snack makes when eaten.


The box is really cute, with a panda drawn all along the front, and also on the other side: even if mine has the Japan Centre label on it, underneath there’s a drawing of a happy panda!


The inside is what excited me the most: there’s little adorable pandas all over the package! I fell in love with it and I hadn’t eaten them yet!


The taste is SO good. You have to try them out! The cream and the cookie melts together in the perfect way, and made me literally addicted to these. Luckily, I’ve found a shop in Padua (1 hour from my place) that sells them, which is great so I don’t have to go all the way to London just for them (lol)

But if you want them? You can buy them directly from the Japan Centre Online website!

See ya next post!


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