[REVIEW] – Awen NG Store (Tictail)

Hello birbs!
(My obsession with Haikyuu gets deeper every second and this post is yet another proof of it)

I ordered some Haikyuu Keychains from Awen NG! An adorable shop from Singapore c:


Here’s the package! It took a week for my order to be accepted, and when I received the shipping advise, it came in a month!  That’s because the items are in preorder mode, and Singapore is hella far, so if you’re buying them for a present, purchase them with a long time ahead!

I was desperately looking for a BokuAka keychain, and they had the right one for me! Since the whole set was cheaper, came with a gift and was really too much adorable, I ended up buying them all with some friends to share! Group orders are my thing!

I bought the Haikyuu Acrylic Keychain Set ! Don’t forget the cost don’t include shipping, but that costs just some bucks, so it’s not a problem at all!


Here’s what it looked like once opened!

There was a really cute ‘thank you’ note with two howls drawn on it (like omg, how did they know I bought it for BokuAka??? illuminati confirmed) !
I attached it to my wall of memories because it’s so cute ;v;

Here’s the item description:
– 2.4″ / Around 6cm x 5cm each
– Single Sided
– White BG
– Consist of all the 6 keychains
*Free 1 UshiOi Sticker * ( While stock last )


And here’s the items displayed! They came packed in their own plastic bag, and each had a note that warned to peel of the protective plastic.

Side note: The description and photos of the product says there are 6 keychains + the bonus sticker, but as you can see, I received 5 keychains and the sticker! It misses the keychain with the same image of the sticker, the UshiOi one! I will write the owner about this, and update this review with whatever will be the answer!

EDIT: Awen answered me, and they changed the item description because of request. It was initially a choice between two sets, one with and one without UshiOi (And with KuroTsukki, aka the one i bought)~Now lucky you there’s only one set with all the pairs, so you can order it with the wonderful “You should have come to Shiratorizawa” meme pair!


Here’s the BokuAka keychain! you can see it has an opaque plastic to peel of, and it has it both sides! Like, super protection! <33


Here’s without the plastic! The background is white and simple, I might have appreciated it more if it was both sided-printed, but since the drawing style is so beautiful, I’m not complaining at all! (sorry if the back pic is a bit blurry!)


I love them so so so so much, my little babies ;____;
I can’t wait to cosplay them this summer! My wig is currently being processed 😉


They joined my pretty family of keychains on my pencil case!
In this photo you can see a bunch of items that I’ve reviewed in the past, like the FMA Keychain from HitoriDesign, the Mononoke, Calcifer, Mai from ChronoBeads, the Zutara from StarInMyPocket !

Hope you enjoyed!


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