[REVIEW] gc2b – Nude No.3 Tank

Hello birbs!
A review a bit different from the rest! For ages I’ve been chestbinding for cosplay purposes, and I’ve wishing to own a Binder from gc2b!

Guess it’s time to say ‘thank you’ a gazillion times to @loliclops and@lastashes for the birthday present!


I’ve struggled for so long with bad, cheap binders or bands, and everytime after the use my back hurted, my skin struggled and my feels were to the ground, and yet now i can’t believe this binder exists! It’s a @gc2b Tank Binder in Nude no.3!


It took a little more than two weeks to reach my place (US-Europe standard time) and it’s so comfortable, breathable i’m in heaven. It also fits perfectly so I don’t have to worry about suffocating or breaking my ribs either. The nude collection is awesome (i waited for it all this winter) and the no.3 suits perfectly with my skin tone!


Thank you so much to my friends andΒ @gc2b for making this real ;v;
((Summer convention seems a piece of cake to me now!))



See ya next review!


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