[REVIEW + Activity]: Zaful + Call Your Name

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since the last time a I wrote here (as always – I’m so sorry but I’m completely absorbed by studying *rip me* ).

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ZERO ESCAPE: Zero Time Dilemma’s Walkthrough + Steam Bonus (SPOILER FREE)

Hello there!
I wanted to try out something different this time, so here’s my opinion about the latest chapter of the Zero Escape series, and all the bonuses from Steam that eshop and Nintendo buyers don’t have!


First of all, here’s my personal opinion about this game (spoiler free!)


  • Freaking fantastic story that ties up most loose threads nicely.
  • Puzzle rooms are challenging but fair, and always fun.
  • Soundtrack is on point, and suits the tone of the game perfectly.
  • Great writing that oscillates between dark and heavy, and light and humorous.


  • The 3D cutscenes can look a little silly sometimes.
  • Not ALL loose ends are resolved in a satisfactory manner.

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Hi cuties!

This review comes a week late because I’m reALLY busy with my final exams! I finished the writing ones but I still have to do the oral, which in my case shouldn’t be a problem, but since it’s the last time I’ll see my professors and then I’ll be off for uni and adult life/???/ idk I feel the pressure and I wanna do great and ofc with Steam Sales I’m not.
I’ll be better, I promise (yeah nene hahahha)

Here I am with another review for Klenspop! This time they’ve sent me a beautiful pair of green lenses! It’s the first time I receive green coloured lenses from them, and I’m very excited to try them on!


They safely arrived in nearly three weeks and were in a plastic bag, so water won’t bother them! (It rained a LOT lately in Italy, sometimes it doesn’t even seems summertime!)

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