Hi cuties!

This review comes a week late because I’m reALLY busy with my final exams! I finished the writing ones but I still have to do the oral, which in my case shouldn’t be a problem, but since it’s the last time I’ll see my professors and then I’ll be off for uni and adult life/???/ idk I feel the pressure and I wanna do great and ofc with Steam Sales I’m not.
I’ll be better, I promise (yeah nene hahahha)

Here I am with another review for Klenspop! This time they’ve sent me a beautiful pair of green lenses! It’s the first time I receive green coloured lenses from them, and I’m very excited to try them on!


They safely arrived in nearly three weeks and were in a plastic bag, so water won’t bother them! (It rained a LOT lately in Italy, sometimes it doesn’t even seems summertime!)


Once opened, the box was wrapped in more bubble paper, even if the parcel was filled with it! Super-safe shipping!


The content of the box is a plastic tweeezer, the two vials with the lenses (graduated) and the lens case!
I love the new designs of their boxes, in the last four or five they were all different and I’m collecting them, sticking them one next to the other on my wall! The colours and drawings are the coolest, with that POP vibe that gives eveything a better taste :^)


They are Bunny 3color green, and they really stand up to their name!

Here’s the image from their website, with all its characteristics:



And here’s mine:


Here there are the lenses once opened! I personally adore this colour and the design! It’s pinetree-green on the outside but it’s yellowish-orange on the inside, which will melt perfectly with my brown eyes! Let’s try them on!


Here they are! The colour under natural and flash light is absolutely stunning! The artficial light was a bit low but that’s because of my light in my hallway, I tried them in different places and they were gorgeous!


I tried costesting Ushijima with these lenses because I believe he’ll look great with green eyes! I won’t cosplay Ushiwaka, but still-


You should have come to Shiratorizawa! haha ^_^


I love the effect!
See ya next review!


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