[REVIEW + Activity]: Zaful + Call Your Name

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since the last time a I wrote here (as always – I’m so sorry but I’m completely absorbed by studying *rip me* ).

Anyways, I had the chance to collaborate with Zaful last month and the sent me some goodies that I really appreciate! The good arrived in 10 days with DHL and I was very surprised because I’ve chosen the cheapest shipment method!
Also, every item was well made and they were super protected in the packaging!

Ethnic Turquoise Water Drop Armlet
It was a little bit tricky to understand how to put it on, nut in the end it worth it! It gives a fairy and magical vibes to the outfit, pretty good if you want to go with something oriental or good for a festival!

Alloy Splice Transparent Frame Sunglasses
I have to be honest: I’m kinda obsessed with this sunglasses. For real. I never thought that I were the kind ofΒ person that could go for reflective lenses, but it turned out that I actually love them!
I didn’t actually took a picture because with the reflection everything seems weird on me.. I’m thinking of doing a shoot someday and then post a proper fabulous picture of them. Anyway they are the same as it’s shown by the store pic.


Big news for you: Zaful is now promoting a big activity that is super awesome and its called Call Your Name!

Activity Detail

Is your name Sophia?

If so, you can get a $100 gift card! Cuore nero scuroEvery two days we give 10 lucky
girls the chances to get their $100 gift cards!Cuore nero scuro

(Note: For weekends it will count as one day.) - If your name matches
the name of the day you could win!

- Tell your friends and they could win too!

Activity Link: http://www.zaful.com/call_your_name.html?lkid=13333


- Just leave a comment with your name in double quotes (i.e.
"Sophia"), same goes for referring a friend or voting for a name

- If it is not your day and you don't know anyone by that name, vote
for tomorrow's name by writing the name you want

- Winners will be chosen at random from the comments

- Winners will be annouced once we change the name

- You will need some proof of ID showing the right name if you are chosen

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