[REVIEW] PunkyPins

Hello there!
Sorry for my absence, but I’ve finally graduated from school! I’m happy with my results and so I took a little period of relax to bingewatch some tv shows that I had put aside because of study (ugh)!! Then Riminicomix happened, and then I started plans for University– but now here I am! Hopefully I will write a review or two and publish them during August, while I’ll be in America for my graduation trip! I can’t wait, I’m so excited to go there!

But for now- I’m here with a new review, this time for PunkyPins !

Punky Pins offers a unique online shopping experience with all jewellery and clothing designs produced and handmade in-house in their fast paced design studios. Regular releases provide customers with fresh, fun, cutting edge designs that can’t be found on the high street with a dedicated team specialising in the design and production of much sought-after, bespoke, personalised designs.
The Punky Pins range of products are handmade to the highest quality and are expected to pass various quality control checks before they are dispatched. This attention to detail has led to prime time television shows such as The Brit Awards, The X-Factor, Big Brothers Big Mouth, Paris Hiltons British Best Friend and Transmission with T-Mobile to choose Punky Pins when dressing their clients.
Punky Pins prides itself on its customer service, providing consumers with one of the most secure online ordering system available on the market with easy to understand cancellation and returns policies providing a reassuring online experience and peace of mind.

Here’s their description from their site! I started following them on Instagram, because I’m madly in love with enable pins! And if you follow them too, they often do discounts, sales and mistery box just for their followers! This is one of them!
I’m eireenene on Instagram!!


The package arrived safely in nearly two weeks, and on the inside there were:


my receipt, and the pins, not only inside veil-paper but also into a plastic bag for maximum safety! I love the paper with their logo, and the sticker “good times”, they also have written “Thank you :)” in the notes of the receipt! these are little details that shows that a shop care about their customers and the experience they have!


As if this was a mistery pack, I didn’t know what to expect from this pins, but I fell in love with them all! I’m a huge fan of label/enamel pins, I litterally own tons of them (and of keychains, these two are like my biggest obsession I’m addicted to buying more and more of those, lol)

They have tons of different pins, in a variety of designs and materials, and all of them are over the top with quality and amazing-ness! They also sell some piece of jewelery like necklaces!
I think I’m gonna buy a wooden pin from them next, I’ve always wondered how they are done! I imagine them very light-weighted, like a real little piece of wood!


I decided to show you in detail the heart-shaped donut because it’s my fav from the mistery pack! it’s such a cute idea and it fits perfectly with other food-pins I own!
It has an amazing quality, the metal is resistant and on the front the silver lines shine with the sun it’s so magic I’m in love!

Hope to see buy from them again soon!


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