[TUTORIAL] Gravity Falls Journal #3

Hello! This isn’t really a tutorial, is more a wip-alike, and I haven’t yet finished the pages, but if you enjoy this I might do a second part with more pages!

DISCLAIMER: I started this journal before the official #3 Journal by Alex was on sell, (and I have yet to receive mine) also, i’m Italian, so bear with my english mistakes and watch out: the text are all from the show/my immagination/fan theories. Nothing official, but a piece of art that will give your cosplay the perfect final touch!

 I died some A4 pages in coffee! I chose the A4 format because the Journal is big into the hands of Dipper, a child. Using a common moleskine or a book is a nice thing for the cover, but will end up really small in photographs.
The easiest method to dye pages is to let them sink into coffee (cold coffee) and then bake them into an oven at 40° for 5-7 minutes. I really reccomend to turn over the page and bake both sides,, even if in my method, once drawn on the ink passed over so i will stick two pages together to form one.
Still, using only one surface allows you to choose the one that came out better in color, stains and so on, but it also means you have to bake double the pages!

Here’s how they looked! You can see in the low-right corner the bowl of coffee I was using to paint the pages hehehhe!

Disclaimer: I got the attached images from these pages from leoflynn’s DA ! These are easy an printable, I then scratched and teared up the bits as they were shown on the GF cartoon, and i attached them to the journal with some trasparent scotch!


And here we start! Beware! This is not the real-canon nor my pages order, I just did them in this order, and will probably surely put them together in another!


Of course, the first pages I did were the easiest one: the front! On the left, I simply cut an undied A4 page, drawn in violet lines at the border, 1cm off the bord, and then ripped off the end and added the “Property of“, the right page is the simple and easy “Vol. 3


For Dipper’s entry on the journal, I drawn red lines 1cm one from the other, and in blue ink, with a pretty childish writing, I wrote:
Left: June 13, If you go on enogh road trips chances are you’ve seen a certain bumper sticker “what is the Mistery Shack?”
Right: Finally back safe and sound from one of the weirdest days at Gravity Falls.
This journal told me there was noone in Gravity Falls I could trust, but when you battle a hundred gnomes side-by-side with someone, you realize that they’ve probably always got your back.


Left: left: GIANT TOOTH /  If there is a face under the island, it might be some kind of fish because it can breath underwater. / I should explore the water around the island / One giant headache!
right: Creature #2?2 / Is there a creature beneath the island? /  This island is not my favourite island, but still.. / Might be the weak spot of the island head beast!
Right: There is no other place I would rather be in Gravity Falls rather than the lake. It reminds me of my childhood… / Glass Shard Beach / The flora seen throughout the lake area is tropical. After some of my adventures in this region, I am surprised not to discover something more unusual. / Common lake plants.

Left: left: Creature #24 / Little men of the Gravity Falls forest. They have cute little moustache and also big puppy eyes. / The gnomes are a proud race of tiny little creatures that wanders around the forest.
right:  danger unknown / Gnomes also have a very close relationship with the wild animals  in the forest. Particularly squirrels. Squirrels give them messages, and in return, gnomes gives back to them stuffs for example chestnuts, leaves for shelters!! The squirrels can live in their hats & pants.
They’re gnomes not garden gnomes, there’s a huge
Right: The gnomes obviously possesses a very small body, a normal gnome can only reach to the maximum height of ten inches / they care a lot about their beard / they are excellent mushrooms farmers / location The gnomes live in the trees that grow deep into the forest of Gravity Falls. These trees are easily spottes as growing mushrooms sticking out of them. / Weakness : leaf blowers / Further studies show that they’re also desperate for a girlfriend. / Pointy hats! / These guys have their own brand of parfume called “Nom”

Code page, I advise to draw squares/rectangles with pencil and draw the codes into them, just to give yourself the proportions.
I began collecting symbols from around the town: /  what do they possibly mean? / I must find the codes to decipher all this.


This was one of the first pages I’ve made, as such, I wrote some gibberish phrases under the places that went under the photos // I wanna remake this with real text, so this journal will seems as real as possible.
Left: are they watching me? / everywhere in silence they float in groups altogether during the night / visible only at night – no retinal cord // ??gibberish
Right: under the photo: Bats can fly. They are the only mammals that can fly. They use wings to fly and to find food. They can eat half their weight every day. They can see with sound: they can use a sonar that we can’t hear, so they aren’t blind creatures of the sky.
demodus rotundus – these enormous blood sucking night creatures can be spotted in the sky of Gravity Falls. / Giant vampire bats! enormous wing span – 10 feet / These bats live in some kind of hidden cave fare on the mountains of the town of Gravity Falls. They only come out at dawn and night. Many locals believes that they are the legendary sheep snatching demons of the Falls. / These bats are very afraid of light and loud noises so it’s highly uncommon for anyone to spot them. It’s not reccomended to search for them – don’t do it! won’t end well!


Left: Unfortunately, my suspicion have been confirmed. I’m being watched. I must hide this book before He finds it. Remember – In Gravity Falls there is noone you can trust. Trust no one! Nemini verbis crederis. Trust me I said don’t trust anuone! can I trust myself?
Right: left: a different type of language also appear on the wheel
right: eye of providence? mystical / the wheel seems to be spinny / weird symbols / some new found ancient language.
Misterious ____ twelve ___ wheel found in the back of a literature book in the Gravity Falls library. It shows a number of interesting symbols and equations. The central eye dominates the mystical wheel with power. Note that several different hierogliphs appear. What does it all mean?

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-04 at 21.07.45

Left: June 18, It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since I began researching the strong and won’drous secrets of Gravity Falls, Oregon. In all my travels, never have I observed so many curious things! Gravity Falls is indeed a geographical oddity.
Right:  This page is a farce. Uhhhh, to the untrained beginner’s eye it may seem to contain relevant information. I can assure you it’s not the case. For you see, this is all gibberish. Pure nonsense, if you wish. In fact none of my sample writing is of any significance. I rarely dot my I’s and cross my T’s, puntuaction has alone taken a bind next to pure theatre. It is indeed a long lost stunt. Please enjoy the irrelevant and incomprehensible rambling seen.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-04 at 21.08.06

Left: Case #28 / noone knows what it does except darkness / After many researches I’ve discovered such a thing known as Cursed Doors. These doors opens rarely in the main streets of Gravity Falls. They releases an enormous amount of radiations. Some legends say that is the gateaway to the afterlife. Others says that there’s a multidimensional room. This phenomenon is unexplained and unknown. / where does it looks to? / Any door with the number 13 is a portal to another world. / avoid this door on main street! / waning moon / this door has an eye on the front. It can’t be a coincidence! Beware!
Right: one of the most misterious things in the Falls. / knock knock! who’s there? the forces of evil! / dark energy reading 40% higher this year! / If you find yourself in front of a Cursed Door and left outside from the scope of demons practise some ____. That controls time and space, that will be enough for the door to be closed inexpicably.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-04 at 21.08.24

Left: left: zombie is a fictional undead being created through the reanimation of a human corpse. right:  creature #6 / known for their pale skin and bad attitude. These creatures are often mistaken as teenagers. Beware of the Gravity Falls nefandous zombies!
Their weakness might involve sunflowers and peas shooters / reanimated through magic, radiation, mental diseases, viruses, scientific accident?? / extremely dangerous!
Right: Wonder around the Gravity Falls’ cemetery. These creatures usually attract dumb girls with cute sweater and sparkles on them. The creature will gain the girl’s trust, and when they are alone, the creature will feed on her body, eating the soft limbs then her brain, towards her stomach / into a new zombie. / But still, zombies are dumb, quite easy, so no worry. A zombie’s dead quite simply too, they are humatarians, they feed on people’s flesh. But sometime a fancy cup of tea would be enjoyable. /  fig.B skullmbie? is that even a word?

 And that’s it! The point I’ve reached! I have to go on with this, but I have some business to attend to! Please tell me if you enjoyed this wip-tutorial-ish and if you’d like a second part, or some pages in particular!


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