Hello babes!

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve written something! I’m so sorry for the lack of post, school really got me busy, and with my finals and my graduation coming next month, I really don’t know wheter I’ll be able to post! ;v; Still, I’m doing my best and I hope all of you are fine too! Work hard and never let go!

Today’s review is for Romwe! I’ve already talked about them in the past and here I am again! I didn’t have the best time working with them, but neither the worst, so I when I saw items I liked I just added them in my cart until I had an order full.

As last time, if it’s your first time, you can register and use the code Rom60 for a 60% discount! I actually registered myself with another email for this order, so I could’ve use the code again! I know it’s not very polite, but yeahh 60% is a lot and I’m human just like everyone else lol Still, if you keep up with their page, sometimes they also have discount up to 65%! I’ve never saw higher than that, but who knows?
Items comes from China and from United States since they opened a warehouse there last year! So the shipping took shorter than expected, just two weeks!


The package itself was tightly wrapped, a bit ruined (there was an hole in a corner) but since everything on the inside wasn’t broken nor ruined, I won’t complain!


Every item had his own plastic bag, with careful instruction (like keep those away from babies) printed on them. On the inside, there was the item and a black squared card that only said “Discover fashion online” all in caps. The t-shirts/sweatshirts also had a sheet of paper placed inside them, between the layers.
As most items from a warehouse, some of them smelled like close or plastic, so i advise to wash them before using them, or leave the accessories one night out of the window (like I did with the bag, and there wasn’t any problem afterwards!)

Here’s what I got! I will start with a pair of sunglasses!

Fashionable Women Black Cat Eye Sunglasses


stock photo from romwe.com


The glasses came in a case which colour matched the lenses of the accessory! Actually I didn’t know it had violet lenses but now that I know I like them even more, they’re so unique and stilish! I particulary enjoy the little space between the lens and the cats-eye/wing thingye! So adorable c’:

Next thing is an outfit I pulled out while trying the items on!

Wide Leg Denim Shorts


stock photo from romwe.com

Off The Shoulder Vertical Striped Bow Top


stock photo from romwe.com

I love nice, comfortable pieces of clothing, and if they’re spring-summerish, they’re even better! Light blue remembers me a lot of holiday and happiness, it reminds me the clear sky! I don’t think I will match this two items in real life, but here they are tried together just for you!


The top is really cute, I was looking for something to show off my shoulders, since I like my collarbones so much (lol). You can still use it with the sleeves up (like the next photo)!
I really like the shorts, too: they are baggy enough to be comfortable with hot weather, but not too much to make you look bigger than reality. I love high-waist short, I really need more pairs!


The only thing I have to say of the shorts is that their button does not close because the hole for it is made too little! I hope it was just my pair, but still, it’s something easily fixable: you just need to cut the jeans a bit more, and just in case fix with some thread the borders of it.

Color-block Long Sleeve Sweater


stock photo from romwe.com


This item was the one that smelled the most, but the fabric was ok and the color were just like expected.


((idk my face was all blurry and :/ in this pics so yeah censoring the awful lazy face I had on Sunday morning!))
It fits as expected, maybe the neck is a bit tight, but I believe the stock image show it even tighter? So yeah, ok to me.


It had some threads coming out of each angle ((in fact I even asked myself if this was made on purpose)) but they’re no budge: just cut them off, the sewing pattern is still fixed and closed.

Let’s move on another accessory! I was looking for a cheap set of brush since idk years! and here they were, waiting for me:

10pcs Professional Makeup Set Brushes Tools-Gold


stock photo from romwe.com


These brushes are godly. Maybe it’s the gold colour that makes them like that, but they’re also so thick and soft and I just wanna brush them over my face forever—
Anyway, they are really useful, they come in a bunch of different sizes and shapes and they are gold I mean who can ask for more?

Trying another “outfit” (how can I even call them like this I was just trying them on)

White Milk Print T-shirt


stock photo from romwe.com

High Waist Denim Blue Pant


stock photo from romwe.com

The t-shirt is really nice, well fitting and with a great print, but once again the pants weren’t the right size at all, i couldn’t even try to close them, they just did not covered my hips completely…. such a shame, I was looking forward to wear them, but I had to gift them to the nearest caritas center. Hope they’ll enjoy it!
The tshirt also had some thread coming out of the borders, but I started thinking it’s like so for every piece of clothing so it’s not a big deal, once cut off it’s perfect.

Hooded Drawstring Denim Outerwear


stock photo from romwe.com


This jacket is actually a two-pieces! I didn’t understood it from the pic, so it was a big surprise for me! But I like it, so i can wear the jeans jacket with a more temperate weather!

The sweater inside it’s really soft on the inside (lol repetition jokes) and it’s a bit poor-quality but since it’ll be covered up, it doesn’t matter.


The jacket had a strange problem with some threads out on each side. Easy cut, but i expected more from this jacket! Also, it fits a bit small, as you will see:


I like to wear big, comfy jackets, so whis one isn’t really what I was looking for.. even for a short jacket, the pockets are way too high ;v; but I will wear it in autumn or so, with a nice bag and no thoughts in the head hehe

Color Block Loose Black Sweatshirt


stock photo from romwe.com

b (2)

I have no idea why I don’t own pic where I wear this sweatshirt, but it’s my favourite piece from the order! It’s really thick and keeps me warm in winter! The top part is a bit plastique-ish but to me it’s not a problem, instead I really like that it makes my shoulder looks more masculine!

Brown Magnetic Buckle Shoulder Bag Two Pieces


stock photo from romwe.com


And lastly, a bag, to complete every look. This bag is flawless. I love it to pieces, it owns my heart. It has not only two big pockets on the back (you can see them in my pic) but also comes with a pochette inside to keep important stuff. The quality is awesome and it’s big enough to carry school supplies and even my laptop! This is my fav!

I also bought some height increasing pads, for cosplaying Lev from Haikyuu, and they’re just triangle to put inside your shoes, nothing important. I have not tried them on, maybe I will update this review saying if they’re effective or not!

See ya!



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