[REVIEW] Matlens – EOS J-203

Hello there!

I received this lense waaay back in June, but since I had my finals approaching, I will write and post this only now! It has been a really busy couple of months, but I hope to get back to work c:
These are from Matlens!


It rained like everyday here in Italy in June, so the package arrived wet– but everything on the inside was safe and clean!


Here you can see it better: the box really got water into it, but inside the lenses were safely wrapped into bubble-paper, the receipt was under all the popcorns (yeah I call them popcorns because I have no idea what their names it and they remind me of popcorns, don’t tell me how to live my life plx)


The lenses came with some saline solution, their lenses-case, the receipt and some?? instruction??? i have no idea what those are, since I can’t read german at all and everything on that is one-language-only ;___; also the mail they’ve sent me to confirm shipping was all in german! Such a shame this beautiful website does only use one language :c


Here are the characteristics of the lenses, that are EOS J-203 in blue! I already own this kind of lenses in yellow and red, and they are stunning, so since I was looking for a new blue pair of lenses -my last one expired- i tried this one!


Here they are! I have to say I really love this brand of lenses, I will advice it to everyone who’s looking for a bright colour that can cover even the darkest eyes, and for cosplay it is perfect to stand out! I might buy even the green ones if I find the occasion! Every color has so much pigment you won’t regret your choice!


I tried Grand King Oikawa Tooru with these, even if I don’t like myself as him, in my heart there will be always one true King and that’s it my blueberry Tobio!


If you want to cosplay Oikiwi Trashykawa King of Garbage Gaytooru I really advise you to cut your wig accordingly or to give it to expert hands that will style it for you! It really makes a big difference having something on your head that is just a messy group of hair or having instead a wig with the right spikes! I tried Lev on my instagram and at first I hated myself as him, My whole face didn’t seem right even after all the effort I put with makeup— but after one good hour of cutting and styling the wig I changed my mind completely! My face now fixed the character juuust right!
Wigs make the differences, and if you’re looking for someone to style yours, I advise you to check Rainbowash Cosplay for it! They’re styling my Bokuto wig c:

See ya!


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