[HAUL] Flying Tiger- A bunch of Eyes and school stuff.

YO! It’s Cyclove.
It’s been a while isn’t it?
Dealing with irl stuff is always SO tiresome for me, I’m really sorry about that ;;

Since I was bored yesterday, I decided that was a GREAT idea
to go to the nearest Tiger shop and spend all of my money there!

Thanks to my ~magical senses~ I choose the right month to go and buy tons of thing because they are having my MOST LOVED design of them all: EYES.
You know, I really like eyes. One eye, or multiple eyes are SO cool.
I kinda think I have a problem with eyes tho.

I’m rambling.
But they decidet to release a lot of things with eyes on!!
I brought a lot, like most of it. In my defense, I needed them.
It’s ok right? RIGHT?


I’m sorry if the pic aren’t great, but I’m always away from home atm.
So only phone photos. Meh.


Here’s the pencil case ♥
It’s pretty simple but a bit smal…
But I only need a pencil and a pen at school.
I have a separate case for my markers!


Mechanical pencil and rubber.
They fit pretty neatly in the pencil case and they seem sturdy.
I only hope that the rubber will not stain the paper tho ;;  


My most loved piece of the haul.
It’s neat. It’s stylish. I can put things in the pocket!!


Me and my boyfirend will have breackfast with this a lot now.
He loves eyes like me ♥
Maybe less…


And last but not least.
The thermos.
It’s nice, I think that it will be helpfull in this cold winter ;;
As I was returning from Tiger it started snowing!
Is it a coincidence? 


I really like Tiger!
It’s pretty cheap and I love their HUGE stationery selection!
I can’t have enough of it ♥
I really should not go there a lot…
or I risk to use all of my money there, instead of saving it for cosplay! ;;

I really hope you’ll have a nice day today with lovely stationery in your bag ♥


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