[CON] Winter Novegro -4/5 February

Hi lovelies!
Do you remember last years’ Winter Novegro? This time we attended the con again! It’s so much easier now that I, Nene, have moved to Milan, and it’s always so much fun because of all the friends that attends it and because of purikuras!!!


I wore Yukio Okumura from Ao No Exorcist on Saturday,
and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite on Sunday!

For Yukio, a reminder that I did a makeup tutorial that you can check out! Don’t you wanna try the moly-four-eyes style too? c:

 And for Liz, one of my favourite heroines from videogames and a dream cosplay I’ve had for years, I borrowed the dress from Achico Xion! She’s stunningly beautiful and so kind, I met her with her Burial at the Sea version of Elizabeth on Sunday! What a fun day!




It was raining a bit but the weather wasn’t that bad; I got my two lovely-birds with me and we got to Lambrate F.S. to catch the free couch that will bring us to the con! I have to say that saturday is a really nice day because it’s not as busy as sunday, you can walk more freely and everything runs more smoothly!

Here there are two pics, one from the metro and one from the couch, with Zombrox and Cyclove! They were shot for my story on Instagram, and the stickers come from there! I’m loving the new features they’re adding!

A selfie from the group we did! We are missing Mephisto because it kept running away sighs ;; with us there’s Martina as an awesome Lance from Voltron instead! I loved meeting her, she was so IC 8)

Me and the waifu did some photos with Dizzymonogatari ! We also did some purikura with him, it was so much fun! I’m in love with the t-shirt he was wearing, I hope to buy one for myself too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




As I said, Sunday it’s really busy, so here are my faces while fighting my way into the couch and trying to exit the changing rooms— it was raining harder than the day before, so waiting for the couch was a pain ;___; everyone was pushing and swearing, me and my friend had some troubles, and when we arrived at the con, there were so many mud pudles that the shoes for the cosplay were soaking wet /// (゚⊿゚)

The changing rooms were big, and with a bathroom just for them, but there wasn’t much air going through, so it was a bit of a struggle, expecially during the competition, everyone was packed around the stage, and it was so difficult to move! I decided to stay away from that area, and wandered away till I found Mads, and we took some pics together. Here’s a preview only for you!
I’ve spent in the gaming area most of the con because of my fav thing: purikuras!


Here are some from Sunday! As I said before, I met Cla with her BaS Liz, and got to know two other amazing cosplayers, Sonia and Berceck ! I’m really sorry I couldn’t spend more time with them, but I litterally spend an hour trying to get from the entrance of the con to the EPICOS stand, where they were. The stand area was so busy I barely made it alive (sighs) but we managed to take a set of purikuras, which I’m really happy of! ( ^∇^)

While I was with Rox and Angie, a kind girl asked to take a video of us, and she already edited it! Let’s see if you can find my clip! Here‘s the link!


Here’s one more! I took off my cosplay and was heading home, but there’s always time for a last puri! I’m with Saya, Rox, R and Mads!



Et voilà! The Haul from Winter Novegro! I have some pola with my babes + one black pola with Diz and Ange but Rox became a black hole for no reason at all? lolz.

In the middle, one precious Space Daddy drawn by my talented daughter Saya, god bless her and tea. And two keychains! One with Enjoltaire, and the other with Grahamscott, and these were made by Riko! The two of them are so good at drawing that I always hit that reblog button on tumblr, and like on fb! You should too! (*≧▽≦)

And lastly, a whole page!! of purikuras!!! and they weren’t even all! I’m shook. But they are so fun, and so cute! I can’t wait to do more at Cartoomics c:

Speaking of which… when we came home, I started talking about FFXV with Rox, because I saw some amazing cosplayers from the series at Novegro.. and we tried to costest the chokobros!


I love how it came out, and I’m seriously thinking about cosplaying Prompto? I just like him so much ;____; I’ve tried to resist my impulse but goddamn his smile is just too precious aaaa! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
You can see how much fun me and roxie had on tumblr! here and here !


Aaand finishing up, I also managed to vlog! Only on saturday, but that is a beginning? here‘s the link to the video we took!
And here there are some stills, just for you!

That’s it for today! Next post will probably be about Cartoomics, I’d like to vlog all thee three days there, if I can! I’ll be going there with my best mates ZombRox and Cyclove, and we are already working on our cosplays! See ya there!


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